The Billy Kid Film Festival is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization dedicated to film festival in Hico, Tx the hometown of "Brushy Bill", alias "Billy the Kid". Each entry is entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring, educational, enjoyable or just flat out fun, based on your passionate tell us a story.
We hope to invite Well Known Honoree Actor or Actress as well as Film industry people conduct Q&A sessions and Writing and Film Workshops will also be held that weekend for additional fee.

The Billy the Kid Film Festival will award top winners with $$$ and some with a one of a kind ballistic sculpture by a renowned Artist
Awards. Given .. Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Performance, Viewers Choice Award, Best Local Entry(150 miles) Film, Best Animation,Best Student Short Film, Best Outlaw, Best Bendito Cine.

The Films will be reviewed by industry people who have experience and clout in the movie business.

Only films completed after Jan.1 2018 will be eligible for awards.

Films must be submitted through all length films are considered, just as long as they are the best you've got. Selected films will be notified by Oct 6.

Submitting your film you agree that we may select it for screening and award considerations the 2020 Billy the Kid Film Festival ( Nov 6-7) and clips from any film selected may be sampled to help promote the festival.

Overall Rating
  • George Meyers

    A really fun, well organized event! Not only was I honored and surprised to win the Audience Choice Award for my short film, but the networking with fellow filmmakers and hanging out in the historic town of Hico, Texas made it an absolutely fantastic weekend. I am already looking forward to The Billy The Kid Film Festival 2020!

    November 2019
  • J William Boothman II

    For a small festival, BTK was terrific! The small town enthusiastically supported the festival! There was a terrific opening night mixer at the local winery with great wine & cheeses (Hot tea if you don’t drink wine), the local craft popcorn vendor supplied popcorn, the local taco shop had a special for the filmmakers, the awards were made by a local artist, and the townspeople themselves came out in full support. It was wonderful! What could be improved were the screening venues. One venue was the back ballroom of a restaurant which played live music and unfortunately made the films hard to hear. The other was indeed very quiet, but the projector had aspect issues cutting off films, apparent in the titles. This is the festival’s first year, so hitches do happen. Back to the positives, there was a tremendous 11 Lb gift bag and the film selections themselves were well-made, entertaining and stupendous! All around very enjoyable.

    November 2019