The Meglio matti che corti (Better crazy than shorts) contest – since 2014 - aims to look into those stories which recount the world of mental health through the language of moving images.
This contest is one of the most eagerly awaited events of Màt, the Mental Health Week in Modena which will take place in the second half of October. The aim of the project is to promote a culture of inclusion and awareness, which fights against prejudice, investigating the world of mental health and the stories of those who experience it. What better way to use film language to give voice to the citizens and all the professionals who work every day to reduce the suffering and improve the quality of life of those who access the services?
The project is promoted and organized by the association Arci Modena and the Local Health Unit Azienda Usl in Modena.

Technical Jury Award 'Vittorio Saltini': € 500,00
People’s Choice Award: € 200,00

The short films shall not exceed the duration of 20 minutes and must be submitted no later than 1 June 2023. Participation is open to any genre, provided that the work deals, either explicitly or metaphorically, with the theme of mental health.

The selected films will be announced privately to the directors on 30 August 2023. The official communication will published on 10 October 2023.
The final event will take place in Modena on November 2023 at the Cinema Astra (Via Francesco Rismondo 21, Modena). More information as soon as possible.
If it is necessary to proceed to an online event (due to the international health emergency), the selected will be notified in time of this eventuality.
After the screening, the technical jury award and the people’s choice award will be assigned.

The TECHNICAL JURY, which will award the prize Premio Vittorio Saltini, will include Fabrizio Starace – executive director of the Mental Health Department of Modena, Roberto Roversi – president of the U.C.C.A. organization, Leonardo Gandini – professor at the University of Modena, and Reggio Emilia.
The award is dedicated to Vittorio Saltini (1947-2014), a political leader, involved in the world of associations and social cooperation but also president of the Arci Modena association himself. He was a leading figure in Modena’s society, attentive to social needs and transformations, an active promoter of initiatives and proposals for the innovation of our welfare system.

Furthermore, the technical jury is entitled to award special mentions to any other video included in the official selection. The awarded films, as well as the selected ones, will be screened at non-profit cultural events to ensure maximum visibility of the works.
The POPULAR JURY will be composed of the audience present during the screenings. In the case of an online event, the new voting method will be communicated to the selected ones.

The selected films will be contacted by an e-mail requesting the following materials:
- photo and biography of the director
- brief synopsis of the short film
- notification in case of international or Italian première at the time of the selection
- fullHD video file (mp4 or mov) with English subtitles
- fullHD video file (mp4 or mov) without subtitles
- any other useful file (srt or ssa or word), such as the list of dialogues or the English subtitles track

Overall Rating
  • Antony Petrou

    Amazing festival. lovely people and well organised. Very proud to have won best film!

    February 2020
  • It was an honor to take part to this great festival about mental health. The location was great, an old and beautiful cinema in Modena, the selection was full of great movies and the projection was technically perfect. Great experience!

    December 2019
  • Francesco Felli

    ci sono molti festival assolutamente più blasonati, dove il tema è solo un pretesto, spesso rinnegato dalla tipologia di film scelti e dall'incompetenza sull'argomento da parte degli stessi operatori.
    In questo caso, pur trattandosi di una piccola realtà, ho conosciuto persone straordinarie ed impeccabili. Inoltre è uno dei pochi festival che riconosce un premio in denaro!

    December 2017
  • Ben Grace

    I had a fantastic experience with Meglio Matti Che Corti, as one of the festival winners they ensured I was able to attend the festival. They were kind and welcoming and completely inclusive, even ensuring that one of the Arci Modena volunteers (Filippo) was there to translate the discussion for me as I don't speak Italian.

    I'd absolutely recommend entering supporting this competition and entering your film - this was the best festival experience I've ever had!

    December 2017