Ayanda Ndimande is the master of storytelling, the visionary behind the lens, and the embodiment of creativity. His films have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, earning critical acclaim and numerous awards along the way.
Ayanda Ndimande is an accomplished actor, writer, facilitator, author, director, and producer, born on March 6, 1988, in Bertrams, Johannesburg. He grew up in difficult circumstances, but his struggles did not deter him from discovering his passion for storytelling.
Ayanda began his primary education in Lochiel, a location in Mpumalanga, but due to his family's circumstances, he moved to KwaZulu Natal to live with his grandmother. However, due to a lack of opportunities, Ayanda missed a year of school. Nonetheless, he persevered and continued his education, even though his family struggled to meet their basic needs. His hard work and determination eventually led him to attend Ekukhanyeni Combined Mission School in Denver, Johannesburg and matriculating in 2007, Ayanda pursued his passion for the arts and joined various theatres, including the Market Theatre, Hillbrow Theatre, Box Theatre, National School of Arts Acting Workshops, Eagles Academy and Believers Care Academy.
In 2009, Ayanda founded Umcijo Performing Arts, a non-profit organization that partners with organizations such as SANCA and Believers Care Society.
In 2014, Ayanda appeared on Deaf TV SABC2, performing his first educational play titled "MY KING" as a leading character, addressing xenophobic attacks among Africans. The following year, he received an award in youth leadership programme under drama activities as a youth club coordinator at Believers Care Academy. He also wrote and performed an educational play on substance abuse titled "NEVER LOSE HOPE" as a leading character in schools around Johannesburg Southern District.
In 2016, Ayanda wrote, produced, directed, and acted in his first film titled "UMANDULO," which went beyond Open View HD etv "TRUE AFRICAN." The same year, he established South Side Media Productions, a private company that partners with Real World Films, Tam Digital SA, among others.
2017: He got a leading role in a film titled "UMCEBO KABABA" under Zondi Films. He also hosted the Johannesburg Southern District Arts Festival and received a certificate of service as a drama facilitator at BCS Academy.
He received an award honouring his community services through media from the ward councillor Rashieda Landis for establishing a mini cinema that brings the community together and keeps the youth away from negative activities.
2018: Ayanda wrote, directed, and produced a web-documentary titled "THE LEGEND IN THE MAKING," which motivates people to pursue their careers. He also produced "EGOLI HUSTLERS," a web-series that offers young creatives a platform to showcase their talents and make a living. Additionally, he wrote, directed, and produced a horror film titled "ITHUNA," which tells the story of a family that bought a house haunted by dark spirits.
2019: Ayanda invested in his solo company 88 Film Productions trading as “AYANDA FILMS” and continued to polish his craft by joining Film and Vinyl Club Writing master classes facilitated by Malusi Bengu the writer of INXEBA. The very same year he wrote, directed, produced and acted in a film titled INKANYAMBA and it got nominated by RUSTERNBURG FILM FESTIVAL
2020: He won an award under LYD Awards with his horror film “ITHUNA” as a best local film in South Africa
His short film DON’T LOOK BACK that he wrote, directed and produced was officially nominated by 1MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL and screened in INDIA INSTANBUL
2021: He received an award from THE ABBAQUAR ROYAL HOUSE for his great work under the category of National Media House. He also produced a ground breaking Documentary titled TOUR FOR CHANGE focusing on the modern KHOISAN people
2022: He wrote, produced and directed a film titled BROKEN PRAYER and it won an award under THOKOZA FILM FESTIVAL for BEST ACTRESS and it scooped 3 nominations [Best short film, Best Actor as well as Best Actress]
Late the very same year he received an award of humanitarian awarded by the city council
2023: He directed and produced a film titled UNEMBEZA, together with BROKEN PRAYER it got nominated by RUSTERNBURG FILM FESTIVAL
He also directed and produced a film titled IS’KHALO and it got nominated by NALIBALI FILM FESTIVAL
Ayanda Ndimande is a talented and accomplished artist who uses his craft to inspire and educate people, especially the youth.
High School
Ekukhanyeni Combine Mission School
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March 6, 1988
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“Every story ever told can be broken down into three parts. The beginning. The middle. And the twist.” Jack Black - Stine.
Ayanda Ndimande is the master of storytelling, the visionary behind the lens, and the embodiment of creativity. His films have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, earning critical acclaim and numerous awards along the way.
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