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ITHUNA (The Grave)

ITHUNA is a story of a united family, the VILAKAZIs' whom have bought a house in Forest Hill South of Johannesburg as they are relocating from overseas. They don't know that they are about to reside on "ITHUNA" the grave site of two restless souls, one (GUGU) is roaming to be set free while the other (GLORIA) wants the VILAKAZI family to leave her grave site as it's her home. GLORIA'S anger has divided the family as she snatches them one by one and vanishes without a trace into a creepy wardrobe and that has resulted in a feud between brothers, anger and hate fills their caring hearts with a lust for vengeance fueled by evil spirits. Mr. VILAKAZI resorted to his faith and invited a well-known powerful Sangoma (KHOKHOVULA) to rescue his helpless family. KHOKHOVULA set foot in brewing battles within the devils self-proclaimed throne, after a long hard battle KHOKHOVULA finally manages to set the first spirit (GUGU) free and lost the battle to the second one. The second spirit GLORIA came back to her grave as to settle unfinished business with the VILAKAZI family who have sworn to stay in their new home (her grave) as to build a future in this beautiful house regardless of its spirit dwellers.

  • Ayanda Ndimande
    Raygen Soetmelk
  • Ayanda Ndimande
    Raygen Soetmelk
  • South Side Media Productions
    Ayanda Ndimande
  • South Side Actors
    Key Cast
    "South Side Actors"
    South Side Media Productions
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour
  • Completion Date:
    August 27, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    2,500 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    South Africa
  • Country of Filming:
    South Africa
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Canon 60D
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Ayanda Ndimande

D.O.B: 1988/03/06
OCCUPATION: Actor, Writer, Facilitator, Author & Director.

Ayanda Ndimande was born on the 6th of March 1988 in Betrams, the heart of Johannesburg.
1996: He started his primary education in Lochiel, a location situated in Mpumalanga few kilometers away from the boarder gate of Swaziland. When he was doing well in his lower grades his mother Bongiwe Doris Mchunu took him to KwaZulu Natal to stay with his grandmother and that's where he missed a year without attending school. The following year he was back in Mpumalanga where he grew up poor, walking miles to school in an empty stomach with lesser books and no uniform because his parents couldn't manage to meet their basic needs in time since they were 12 kids in his family, however, he carried on with his education while his siblings dropped out due to suffering and shame, indeed "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Ayanda discovered his purpose at the age of 10 where he used to write radio drama at school, and the school couldn't do much to expose him to better opportunities since it was located in rural areas where economic development was extremely poor.
2003:After completing his primary education, he moved back to Johannesburg to his place of birth in Betrams to complete his high school education, and attended school in Ekukhanyeni Combined Mission School at Denver where his parents couldn't afford his school fees and that caused him to be chased away from school on each and every term, however hunger of success and hard working gave him an opportunity to stay in boarding school and that gave him a break from embarrassment of poor performance due to exhaustion and late attendance, and became a better student and held a position of being a drama coordinator for 2years in a row.
2005: His family had managed to relocate from Betrams to Turffontein,Johannesburg South and that was his turning point to be around positive people.
2007:Finally, he matriculated after all the struggles of owing his intuition fees which he never paid at all ever since he stopped paying from grade 9 due to financial constraints. The owner of the school understood his struggles and set him free, "God is great all the time"
2008: He attended college at Lenkosi Train Trainees in Johannesburg CBD doing his CCTV Gold Course and later he then started to live his purpose and fulfill his dreams by joining theatres to pursue his acting and directing career. He joined Market theatre, Hillbrow theatre, Box theatre, National School of Arts, Eagles Academy and Believers Care Academy.
2009: The young man established Umcijo Performing Arts, a non profit organization and partner with SANCA, BCS and Imvelo Performing Arts,to name the few.
2016: He established South Side Media Productions, a private company and partner with Real World Films, Tam Digital SA and Zondi Films,to name the few.

2014: Ayanda Ndimande appeared on DTV SABC3 performing his first educational play titled "MY KING" as a leading character, bringing solutions on xenophobic attacks among Africans.
2015: He received an award in youth leadership programme under drama activities as a youth club coordinator at Believers Care Academy, wrote a book titled "WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE?" a fiction of a young lady who grew up as a living treasure under foster parents and on that same year,he succeeded in writing and performing an educational play based on substance abuse titled "NEVER LOSE HOPE" as a leading character to the schools around Johannesburg Southern District.
2016: Mr Ndimande wrote an actors manual titled "THE BIRTH OF ACTING," teaching passionate actors on how to do best on stage and on camera, he also wrote and directed his first film titled "UMANDULO," portraying a possessed, young, loving and desperate man (leading character) with his students and it went beyond to Open View HD etv"TRUE AFRICAN," produced and directed some short films titled "THE PILLAR and THE MAYOR" as graduation projects for his students, did a snake prank titled "BALEKA" as well as a social behavior prank titled "THE HOBO"

2017: His second manual titled "THE BEST WRITERS & DIRECTORS" was specially written to teach artists on how to craft and polish their crafts to perfection. He also got a leading role in a film titled "MANGA MANGA BUSINESS" a selfish manipulative tsotsi, under Kwai Kwai Media Productions, got a leading character in a film titled "UMCEBO KABABA" as an aggressive young man fighting for his inheritance, under Zondi Films and it was aired in "MZANSI MAGIC," directed a documentary titled "BELIEVERS CARE SOCIETY," a ground breaking documentary that has never been shown on big screens.
Late in the very same year he did hosts Johannesburg Southern District Arts Festival, received a certificate of service as a drama facilitator at BCS Academy and also received an award honouring his community services through media from the ward councillor Rashieda Landis for he had established a mini cinema to screen a local content that brings the community together and keeps the youth away from negative activities.
2018: He wrote and directed a documentary titled "THE LEGEND IN THE MAKING" a thought provoking documentary that motivates people to pursue their careers, and wrote, directed and acted in a film titled "SUGAR DADDY SYNDROME" a story that has never been told in the history of drama. He wrote and directed a film titled "THE SECRET" together with Claude Gombard from Claude King Film Production, this is a film that projects a struggle of young Mpumi going through when her mother left to German to search for cure of a deadly disease known as TAY-SACHS. He also wrote, directed and produced a horror film "ITHUNA" a film that paints a very sensitive story of a family that bought a house that is haunted by dark spirits.

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I tell stories that touches people lives. I art to inspire, inform and entertain people.