The Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019 will be held at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline Saturday September 14, 9:30 P.M in Austin, Texas. This event will focus on films that are created for a mature audience. Enjoy a great slate of films in large cushioned seating, a massive theater screen, with access to 50 beers on tap and full restaurant while you watch films. Austin is a great independent film town and this event will be a lot of fun as well as a great opportunity to network with filmmakers and screenwriters. This event was originally named Horror Film Thursdays or HFT, to avoid any confusion. Our venue for our the previous event closed, so we wanted to create an event that takes place on the weekend.

The Austin After Dark Film Festival judges will present 22 awards, with 5 nominations in each category.

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Animated Film
Best Cinematography
Best Comedy Film
Best Comedy Screenplay
Best Dark Comedy Film
Best Dark Comedy Screenplay
Best Director
Best Documentary Film
Best Drama Film
Best Editing
Best Experimental Film
Best Horror Film
Best Horror Comedy Film
Best Horror Screenplay
Best International Director
Best International Film
Best Original Music
Best Picture
Best Science Fiction Film
Best Science Fiction Screenplay

All films are eligible, regardless if they have distribution or not. All films are eligible even if they have been accepted to other film festivals. All films eligible, regardless of when and where they were produced. For exhibition purposes. all films are expected to provide a download link, so that we can compile and project them on HD 1080p Blu-Ray DVD. 23.976, 24, 25 or 30 frame rates are accepted and will be converted to 23.976 for projection. Please do not submit 720p or Standard Definition films to this festival.

Overall Rating
  • Andy Edwards

    Unfortunately I couldn't get over to Austin for my screening because Easyjet doesn't fly there, but it looks like a great event and the communication was top notch. Hopefully one day I'll get there!

    October 2019

    I didn’t attend this film festival but the organisation and people are wonderful and keep people informed every step of the way. They are also really supportive. I highly recommend this festival.

    September 2019
  • Kirsten Stoddart

    Even though I was unable to attend this year's festival, the communication and care with which the team manages Austin After Dark is second to none. I loved being part of this festival and would do again in a heartbeat.

    September 2019
  • Jimmie Smith

    Really had great time meeting andnetworking with everyone there. The Alamo Draft house was a great venue. Mikel Fair was a great and gracious host. This comes from someone who did not win. I hope to be able to compete again next year. Jim Smith

    September 2019
  • Andrew Pinon

    Such a great event. Mikel and the crew were very welcoming. The quality of work was exceptional.

    September 2019