Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival was created to provide opportunities for individuals of all ages, nations, and identities to connect, share and gain a greater understanding of disability culture and awareness through the arts. Every year we come together to celebrate and showcase a spectrum of voices unique to people living with disabilities by creating a platform that extends throughout our community and across the world. The arts allow people to explore, portray and capture their views and lived experiences in accessible ways, regardless of the medium. We extend an invitation to participants who: identify as persons living with disabilities, or are friends, and families of those facing living with disabilities, or are making work about disability.

Over the years we have received over 2000 submissions from over 80 countries worldwide! Join us in this international celebration of disability culture. As part of our expanded partnership with Halifax International Airport Authority and the Nova Scotia Department of Culture, selected BAAFF films are screened to over 1,000,000 people!

This year we are looking for submissions that address current world conditions such as the pandemic, social justice movements and climate change from a disability lens.


Fees for all category entries are $5. If you cannot pay the fee, please reach out to and we can accommodate you.

- Films must be made by, star or be about individuals with disabilities or mental illness.
- Films must be submitted to the appropriate category or will not be considered.

All films are viewed and reviewed by our programmers. ‎ While we encourage everybody to make and submit their best films, your film will be forwarded to the jury only if it meets the following criteria :
1). Your film is entered in the correct category.
2). Your film must contribute to the understanding and/or culture of disability/diversity.
3). Your film contains unique and original elements such as narrative, storyline, music, perspective, continuity etc.

All entries are viewed and chosen by our team - final selections are at the sole discretion of the Festival.

Entrants will be notified of the decisions of the Programming Committee prior to the opening of the Festival.

The Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival will make every effort to ensure the safe-keeping of all films submitted for consideration, however, the Filmmaker assumes all risk of loss or damage. The Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival retains the power to decide on all matters not specifically dealt with in these regulations. The submission of your application will constitute acceptance of these regulations. In any dispute, the decisions of the Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival shall be final. The Filmmaker releases reachAbility Association, The Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival, its Officers, Directors and all other employees and representatives, from any and all claims relating in any way to your application or the submission of materials to this festival by or on behalf of the Filmmaker

Overall Rating
  • Max Shoham

    I'm so honoured to have had 2 of my films included this year, as I feel Bluenose is an important festival for bringing awareness and understanding of disability culture through the arts and film.

    February 2019
  • Unfortunately I was unable to attend this amazing festival. It is clearly one of the most inclusive and diverse festivals in the world which is run by passionate hard working people. My short documentary '1 Billion' was included in the 2018 program among some incredible films covering strong themes with captivating storylines. Communication was excellent from the Festival Organisers. Their social media updates and Live Video broadcasts were a great idea and kept everyone in the loop before and during the events. Based on my experience I am without doubt that their hospitality would have been flawless including their networking opportunities. As a filmmaker, a story teller and a disability activist, I fully support this festival and can't praise it enough. I am based in Ireland and wish I was closer to Nova Scotia so I could have attended. I know I will attend a festival in the near future, it is too good to miss again. Congratulations to all involved on what was clearly one amazing festival.

    December 2018
  • Nadine Asmar

    Very interesting festival with a great selection of films !

    April 2018
  • Rostyk Makushak

    I had fantastic experience with Bluenose-Ability Film Festival (by reachAbility). I admire organizers' effort to start Canada's 1st film festival focused on (dis)abilitity culture. They did amazing work organizing this event.

    Great social media campaign!

    Prizes were great and the Festival went an extra mile to honour my participation in BAFF.

    Disregarding that it was Festival's 1st year running it became world wide known almost instantly.

    Thank you BAFF and reachAbility!

    May 2016