Arica Nativa is Heritage Communication and Sustainable Development. Its purpose is to make children, youth and adults to fall in love with the natural and cultural treasures that remain heroically in the rural and indigenous areas of the planet.

The winning films in each category will receive a cash prize, a Tropero sculpture made by artisans from the Fundación Altiplano team and an alpaca blanket woven by artisans from the highlands of Arica and Parinacota. The jury's decision on the winning films will not be subject to appeal.

Prize money for each category will be awarded in Chilean pesos or its equivalent in dollars:

Rural Feature Films: $800,000 (eight hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
Rural Short Films: $400,000 (four hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
Jallalla Feature Films: $800,000 (eight hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
Jallalla Short Films: $400.000 (four hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
Mallku Feature Films: $800,000 (eight hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
Mallku Short Films: $400.000 (four hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
A(f)rika Feature Films: $800,000 (eight hundred thousand Chilean pesos)
A(f)rika Short Films: $400,000 (four hundred thousand Chilean pesos)

The prize money will be sent to the representative of the winning film by Paypal system within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of the official publication of the results of the Arica Nativa 2022 Festival.

Upon receiving this award, the representative of the winning film agrees to add the laurels of the Arica Nativa Festival to the publicity graphics and in all instances of dissemination of the film. Failure to comply with the above will result in a suspension of the payment of the prize, for the term necessary to effectively comply with the aforementioned.

COMPETITION RULES OF ARICA NATIVA 2022 (for detailed info please visit

1. Allows the participation of all kinds of films (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation).
Each category has two subcategories:
- Features over 40 minutes (including credits)
- Short up to 30 minutos (including credits)

- Rural category (Short and futures Films): Films that portray stories or images of the rural world and the cultural landscape living outside the cities.

- Jallalla category (Short and futures Films): Films that have been directed, produced and/or written by filmmakers belonging to ancestral cultures of the world in which they make visible their perspective regarding their history, customs, rights, territories, languages and traditions.

- Mallku category (Short and futures Films): Films that portray the beauty of the pachamama and the urgent need to preserve, appreciate and respect it.

- Afrika category (Short and futures Films): Films that promote and disseminate the cultural richness and issues of the African diaspora in the world.

2.- The submission of a film to the official 2022 competition entails a declaration of understanding and unconditional acceptance of the conditions of competition detailed hereby.

3.- The submission must be undertaken by the rights-holder in possession of the rights of exhibition, or else the submission must include a legally binding authorisation of exhibition. Such a legally binding document will be required for the official selection and inclusion of the film in the festival.

4.- Films which have participated in previous editions of the Arica Nativa Film Festival, either in pre-selection, official competition or parallel screenings, will not be accepted.

5.- Films which endorse racism, sexism, xenophobia, intolerance, and / or which intentionally offend human rights will not be accepted. This decision will be taken by the Programming Committee and will not be subject to appeal.

6.- A film cannot compete in more than one category.

7.- Works that have people linked to the Festival working in any of its areas as part of their team are not eligible to participate in the competition.

Registration and receipt of films for this year's competition opens for all categories on Tuesday, January 4 and closes for all categories on Friday, June 24, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Chilean time.

9.- Applicants can withdraw a submission any time before the closing date of submissions, by sending a request letter to the Altiplano Fuondation from the rights-holder of the film.

10.- In the event that the film competition is prevented from taking place as an on-site activity of the Festival, it will be transferred to a web platform to be defined, where it will remain available to the public for the duration of the Festival. This platform is for viewing only and, in accordance with current Chilean legislation on intellectual property rights, does not allow downloads.

11.- The Arica Nativa Film Festival does not pay exhibition fees for the exhibition of films selected in the official competition.

12.- The winning films could be shown up to two times during the year, in screenings of the festival, following discussion with the legal representatives and rights-holders of the film. These screenings would be non-profit.

13.- Viewing links will only be made available to the programming team during the selection process. They will not be distributed or shared with other parties.

14.- The Altiplano Foundation cannot be held responsible for any violation of the current Chilean intellectual property laws in a film, including Law N° 17.336. Consequently, exclusive responsibility for complying with these laws, including the total or partial use of material subject to intellectual property rights, lies with the applicant.

15.- Films submitted will be considered in a selection process undertaken by the Arica Nativa Film Festival programming committee, which undertakes to evaluate every submitted film in accordance with its pertinence to the category in which it was submitted, as well as its technical and artistic qualities.

16.- Four films will be selected for each category in the feature film sections, and five in each category of the short film sections, for the official selection of 2022.

17.- The official selection will be announced and published on the Festival's website and social networks on Friday, August 26, 2022. Applicants whose films are selected will be notified by the email contact given in the submission process.

18.- In the formal email communication of a film’s selection the following will be requested:
High quality exhibition copy (download archive in H264, MOV or MP4 using as a base a resolution of 1920x1080, 23, 97 fps and sound 2.0).
- Links to the trailer or promotional teaser.
- Publicity material such as a poster 69 x 105 cm (or 1956 x 2876 px), and 5 high resolution stills from the film.
- Legally binding authorisation letter for exhibition in Arica Nativa Film Festival 2022, signed by the legal representative of the rights-holder.
- If needed, Spanish subtitle file in .SRT or .VTT format
- A press kit (not obligatory).

19.- The deadline for submitting these requirements is Friday, September 09, 2022 at 23:59 hrs, Chilean time.

20.- The exhibition copy must be sent by a platform such as WeTransfer, Mega, Dropbox or other to the email

21.- If the exhibition copy is not in Spanish, the film must be subtitled in Spanish. Altiplano Foundation cannot finance subtitling.

22.- If the material is not duly received by the Altiplano Foundation by the date given, the festival reserves the right to eliminate the film from the official selection.

23.- Films that are not selected will be notified by email to the contact email given in the submission process. The decision of the programming committee is final.

24.- The Altiplano Foundation reserves the right to reproduce clips of a selected film –not more than 3 minutes–. Consequently, rights-holders authorise the festival, by means of the submission process, to exhibit such clips. This authorisation is irrevocable, as of the date of the close of submissions. Altiplano Foundation reserves the right to exhibit photographs of the films for publicity either in print or digital media, in information flyers and other communication media, as well as in the official catalogue of the festival and its other associated publications.

25. Arica Nativa is an audiovisual project of the Altiplano Foundation that aims to make the new generations fall in love with the natural and cultural treasures preserved in the rural and indigenous world. The films received in all the competitions of the Arica Nativa Film Festival will have an opportunity to be promoted through the following websites: and, as well as the activities of Arica Nativa and/or Altiplano Foundation.

For any query, contact us through:

Overall Rating
  • Gisela Chicolino

    This festival is really a necessary one. Please keep working on generating this exquisite and outstanding programming for the audiences.

    November 2022
  • HAUI aka Howard J Davis

    Incredible honoured to have our film MixedUp ( screen at this years Arica Nativa Film Festival.

    Our film went to VOD in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand almost immediately due to Covid-19. Therefore it has been very delightful and wonderful to receive the support from international audiences and festivals who may not have otherwise seen the film.

    People who saw it in Chile have reached out to share their support. What an eclectic range or films this festival programmed ans shared that explore such resonant, diverse voices and perspectives. I would highly recommend submitting in future.

    November 2021
  • Amazing festival and curation. Congrats!

    November 2021
  • I am proud to have attended your good festival with my film🙏💐

    November 2020
  • So grateful that We, the Voyagers films were a part of the ARICA Nativa FF. So good to see so many important and artful films and learn what others are doing and why.

    November 2020