Travelers of the twenty-first century, welcome to the sixth edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival, the place where imagination dances on the big screen and dreams open the door to unexplored universes.

“Per Andaras Ad Astra” is the chant that resonates in the interstellar canyons, the mantra whispered persistently by those who do not fear the unknown, by those who believe that going around the world is the shortest way to reach oneself. Indeed, more than any other human activity, traveling is a state of mind, the knowledge and search for oneself and others, the starting point of every arrival.

“Ad Astra” is the secret code, the call to explore the cinematic multiverse that opens the curtain of this sixth edition. Join us, join our space caravan ready to depart.

From 15th to 20th July 2024, the festival will take you into a world made of projections suspended between reality and fiction, meetings with quantum minds and artists from other dimensions, food and wine banquets, sounds and music that the human ear has never heard before.

With the quantum stream of Andaras, by signing the manifesto of illusions, directors, artists and spectators will enter a liminal place, between the mountains and beaches of the Costa delle Miniere, where fantasy and reality merge into an experience that follows the fine line of the cinematic world.

Through this sixth edition's theme, "AD ASTRA", we seek a new way of looking at the world, stories of rebirth, discovery and education. Interstellar journeys and space caravans, cosmic and artificial intelligences, primordial dances and travels back in time.

There are six different categories in the competition:

1. Andaras Noas (New Paths)
dedicated to fictional stories, which talk about traveling, new beginnings or the moments before a new journey, lasting up to 20 minutes.

2. Gazes from the World
dedicated to travel documentaries lasting up to 20 minutes.

3. Animation
animated short films lasting up to 15 minutes.

4. Narrative shorts
free-themed fiction short films lasting up to 20 minutes.

5. Docu shorts
free-themed documentaries lasting up to 20 minutes.

6. “Ad ASTRA”
sci-fi short films lasting up to 20 minutes.

Best Andaras Noas
Best Gaze from the World
Best Docu-Short
Best Narrative Short
Best Animation Short
Best Ad Astra
Premio speciale della Giuria
Premio speciale “Andaras”

Sending the works involves the acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Festival. Please read all the terms before sending the project.

If you are willing to send your work, the deadline is due on 21st April 2024.
The selected works will be announced on 6th May 2024.
Only films made after 2020 are accepted.
All works submitted must have English subtitles.
Each author can submit a maximum of one work per category.
All selected works will receive the “Festival Laurel”.

Only those who hold the rights or the persons and companies appointed by them can apply for the project.

It will be possible to submit works through the online platform “FilmFreeway” at the link

By sending the works to the competition, the rights holders authorize the screening of the work as part of the "ANDARAS Film Festival", they also authorize, for the sole purpose of promoting the Festival, the free insertion of sequences of the work in national and international television networks and on the internet (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). The Festival reserves the right to affix its logo and to create subtitles on the video extracts of the works.
The works submitted to the competition will not be duplicated, copied, projected and / or presented outside the official places where the "ANDARAS Film Festival" takes place, without prejudice to further projections and national and international collaborations carried out for educational and cultural purposes. and promotion of the Festival, not for commercial purposes. The holders of the rights authorize the publication of their data on the official website of the Festival, as well as their possible diffusion to the press for promotional purposes. The registration to the Festival's mailing list is also authorized, according to the law. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the European GDPR 2016/679 and D.Lg. 196 of 2003 and subsequent modifications and additions and will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties.
By participating in this call, you consent to the processing of data for the sole purpose of sending the Newsletter pursuant to art. 13 of the European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

Overall Rating
  • Heimo Aga

    Thanks for showing SXM in your lovely boutique festival—mille grazie & saluti da Vienna :-)

    July 2023
  • Taylor Taglianetti

    Thank you for including Heirloom in this year's festival!

    July 2022
  • Massimo Gasole

    andaras is a total travel experience. from film images to the wonderful locations where screenings and scouting are organized. The people you meet, organizers and guests, are the perfect travel companions with whom you would like to share an adventure.

    August 2021
  • MoMo Tseng

    Due to Covid 19 ,it was so pity that we couldn’t attend this beautiful festival . But I knew this film festival went very well through social network photos .wish we could collaborate with each other for a co-production project in the future and we also welcome you to come to my country Taiwan , my crew will give you a nice trip in our country . Thanks again for give my film such an honor to be a part of in this sweet film festival .

    August 2021
  • Matthias Schneemann

    We were selected for the festival's second edition. But to be honest - it felt like they've been doing this for 20 years already.
    Everybody at Andaras was working really hard to make the festival work, despite all the Covid-restrictions (all volunteers!). When we needed a reservation at a restaurant or couldn't understand the panels (all in Italian), we were taken care of. During the day there were activities planned in the area and every night we went to see the films that have been selected. All right in front of a beautiful backdrop right at the Mediterranean Sea.
    The staff made us feel very welcome and we spent some quality time with a few of the local filmmakers. Thus we didn't just go there to screen our film and to see other films. We also learned a bit about Sardinia, its people and culture. And on the final night - after an awesome Sardinian comedy film and the awards ceremony - we went to get some drinks with the festival staff in the village... until the neighbours chased us away :)

    October 2020