"Aks International Minorities Festival, Film – Art – Dialogue" screens films, accompanied by discussions and debates, organise educational workshops, art exhibitions and performing arts events that promote awareness and dialogue about issues impacting minorities and marginalised groups. Aks International Minorities Festival was established in 2014 in Pakistan by a group of activists seeking to improve the representation of queer and trans* people of colour. The festival has taken place annually in Pakistan, across three of its biggest cities, with focus on minortities and marginalized groups in the country among them with specific focus on indigenous Khwaja Sira (transgender) community.

Since 2015, Aks has also held an annual festival in Copenhagen, bringing to focus the lives of queer minorities through a unique combination of film, workshops, art exhibitions and performance.

Aks Best Student Film Award
Aks Human Rights Award
Aks Acknowledegsement for Community based Organisation

1. Submission should contain Minorities related content; (racial, ethnic, disabilities, gender, sexuality (LGBTI+), religiouse and all other marginalized minorities around the world)
2. Industrial, promotional and instructional films are ineligible;
3. It is our policy not to offer comments or reasons when submissions are not invited to participate;
4. Once a film has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn;
5. Aks festival accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to preview tapes and any supporting material;
6. Aks festival and its officers, agents and employees take no responsibility for any infringement of copyright, performers' rights, defamatory, illegal or obscene material or other liability whatsoever contained in or arising out of films/videos submitted.