The Africa Movie Academy Awards, popularly known as AMAA and The AMA Awards, are presented annually to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry. It was founded by Peace Anyiam-Osigwe and run through the Africa Film Academy. The awards are aimed at honouring and promoting excellence in the African movie industry and Africans in the diaspora as well as uniting the Africans from across the globe through arts and culture. The award presentation is attended by numerous media representatives, celebrities, politicians, journalists, actresses and actors from all across the world. The AMA awards are widely considered to be Africa's most important film even and the most prestigious film award in for people of African descent .The AMAA started in 2005 and held its 18th Edition in October 2022

Best Short Film:
Best Documentary:
Best Diaspora Feature:
Best Diaspora Documentary:
Best Animation:
Achievement In Production Design:
Achievement In Costume Design:
Achievement In Make-Up:
Achievement In Sound DESIGN
Achievement in Visual Effects:
Achievement In Cinematography:
Achievement In Editing:
Best Film by an African Living Abroad:
Best Actor in a Leading Role:
Best Actress In A Leading Role:
Best First Feature Film by a Director
Best Diaspora Short Film
Achievement In Screenplay:
Best Film in an African Language:
Most Promising Actor:
Best Child Actor
Best Actor In A Supporting Role:
Best Actress In A Supporting Role:
Best Director:
Best Film:
Best foreign film category
Best Film by An African student

Entries must be submitted under the following regulations:

All entries must be watermarked in a way that does not impair viewing during the screening process. Filmmakers submitting entries are advised not to use paper labels on DVDs as these prevent the DVDs from playing. Online submissions are preferred

Beyond credits, no entry may contain commercials or advertorials.

All entries in languages other than English must be fully subtitled. This rule applies to “pidgin” English as well.

The persons or entities submitting the film must attest that they are the copyright owner or submit a letter of consent to submission signed by the copyright owner. Filmmakers must sign the standard submission release form, establishing authority and consent.

All shipping costs of the submitted materials must be borne by the sender. Please note that submitted materials will not be returned to the sender.

Following submission and consideration,

AMAA will send an official acceptance email acknowledging receipt of each successful entry.

AMAA reserves the right to transfer submissions to a master hard drive for a permanent AMAA digital library. However, AMAA will not screen or utilize submitted films for any commercial purposes without the express written consent of the appropriate right holder(s).

AMAA reserves the right to use a 3-5 minute excerpt of a submitted film for promotional purposes

The decision of the AMAA College of Screeners and Board of Jurors will determine the nominees. A confirmation from directors and producers should be publicly solicited on the AMAA site and Facebook Page.

The nominees for each category will be announced during the AMAA nomination event. Prior to the awards, AMAA will send each successful nominee an email advising on further requirements and next steps.

The Email address of all cast and crew must be submitted with the submissions for entry
The trailer of your movie must be uploaded .

Les inscriptions doivent être soumises conformément aux règlements suivants :

Toutes les candidatures doivent être filigranées de manière à ne pas gêner la visualisation pendant le processus de sélection. Il est conseillé aux cinéastes soumettant des candidatures de ne pas utiliser d'étiquettes en papier sur les DVD, car celles-ci empêchent la lecture des DVD. Les soumissions en ligne sont préférées

Au-delà des crédits, aucune entrée ne peut contenir de publicités ou de publireportages.

Toutes les entrées dans des langues autres que l'anglais doivent être entièrement sous-titrées. Cette règle s’applique également à l’anglais « pidgin ».

Les personnes ou entités soumettant le film doivent attester qu'elles sont le titulaire des droits d'auteur ou soumettre une lettre de consentement à la soumission signée par le titulaire des droits d'auteur. Les cinéastes doivent signer le formulaire d’autorisation de soumission standard, établissant l’autorité et le consentement.

Tous les frais d'expédition des documents soumis doivent être supportés par l'expéditeur. Veuillez noter que les documents soumis ne seront pas retournés à l'expéditeur.

Après soumission et examen,

L'AMAA enverra un e-mail d'acceptation officiel accusant réception de chaque inscription réussie.

L'AMAA se réserve le droit de transférer les soumissions sur un disque dur principal pour une bibliothèque numérique permanente de l'AMAA. Cependant, l'AMAA ne projettera ni n'utilisera les films soumis à des fins commerciales sans le consentement écrit exprès du ou des titulaires des droits appropriés.

L'AMAA se réserve le droit d'utiliser un extrait de 3 à 5 minutes d'un film soumis à des fins promotionnelles.

La décision du Collège des examinateurs et du Conseil des jurés de l'AMAA déterminera les nominés. Une confirmation des réalisateurs et des producteurs doit être sollicitée publiquement sur le site de l'AMAA et la page Facebook.

Les nominés pour chaque catégorie seront annoncés lors de l'événement de nomination AMAA. Avant la remise des prix, l'AMAA enverra à chaque candidat retenu un e-mail l'informant des exigences supplémentaires et des prochaines étapes.

L'adresse e-mail de tous les acteurs et de l'équipe doit être soumise avec les candidatures pour l'inscription.
La bande-annonce de votre film doit être téléchargée.

Overall Rating
  • Femi Faks

    Thanks #AMAA for the nomination in the animation category.
    Was such a great night of celebration of arts and creativity.
    Thanks once again.

    November 2023
  • Rebekah Louisa Smith

    Thank you so much for the extremely valuable nominations for our feature film FOUR WALLS and a very well executed event

    November 2023
  • I was unable to attend AMAA this year due to prior commitments and logistics but I was honored to have had the chance of having my short film, A Lisbon Affair, nominated for an award.

    November 2022
  • This is a great festival. We were happy to be a part of this year's AMAA experience with our screenplay submission. We were especially happy to win an award for our screenplay. Thanks AMAA for the recognition and support.

    November 2022
  • Kevin Johns Nabukenya

    Having my film The Wave nominated in two categories in AMAA 2022 was one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened to me as a filmmaker, I thank AMAA for this recognition and I pray to be part of the prestigious festival again soon.

    November 2022