Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an annual International Festival that takes place every May in Athens with the aim to bring together the digital arts community with a broader audience. The festival was established in 2005, under the title Athens Video Art Festival, as an initiative of the non-profit organization Multitrab Productions.

*/ 19th Athens Digital Arts Festival | WELCOME TO THE UNCANNY

The word Canny comes from the Anglosaxon root ken which means knowledge, understanding, or cognizance”, hence the word uncanny refers to something outside one's familiar cognition. While the term was originally used to describe the feeling towards humanlike entities with mysterious or/and metaphysic characteristics, nowadays it describes this feeling of familiar yet unsettling strangeness mostly, toward inanimate objects of technological character who intend to simulate real life.

Because of the technology boom and its capability to almost perfectly imitate life, we find ourselves all the more facing this feeling. Robots, photorealistic 3D models, prosthetics, augmented and virtual reality and all kinds of simulations, very frequently bring us to the liminal space between awe and eerie. Even in our everyday life, the broad use of algorithms and networks, artificial intelligence, social media, digital platforms, big data e.t.c. create a similar phenomenon, bringing about thoughts around the balance between the digital and real world.

The term who firstly appeared in 1837 has drawn the attention of many theorists, psychologists, and philosophers over the years such as Frederick Nietzsche, Ernst Jentsch , Sigmund Freud and Jacque Lacan. It has been analyzed as the result of repressed feelings and impulses - things that should have remained hidden- , as the cognitive insecurity toward imperfectly perfect simulations, as well as, the incapability to distinct good from evil , pleasure from displeasure, which as a state creates stress towards what is real. With technology in focus, progressions of the term appeared such as the uncanny valley who refers to anthropomorphism in robotics, and the digital uncanny which refers to the digital culture and the feeling that intelligent machines anticipate our every move, making us doubt the liberty of our will, reappraising our relationship with machines and all outsourced stimuli.

What is it that we understand as uncanny today? Is it the digital simulation of reality, or are we so used to it that in the end, uncanny is reality itself? Do we feel this way towards machines because they look like us or because they make us feel we look like them? What applies with the beings who chose to be less humanlike (transhumanists and posthumans)? What happens and why with the rights of machines and robots?

Τhe international festival of digital arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival, is calling artists, scientists, thinkers, and technologists as well as any other creator to contribute with their work to the exploration of todays definition of the uncanny. The applications for the 19th ADAF festival “ Welcome to the Uncanny” in the respective categories, Installations, Video Art, Performances, Web Art, Animation, Digital Image, VR/AR, Games, Talks, Workshops, Music, Kids ( which includes all of the above adapted for children ) are going to be open until 31st of January.All applications concern the 19th edition, physical and digital who will take place in spring and fall 2023 respectively. Shortlisted artists will be notified through mail for the progress of their application and details about the possible presentation of their work in one or both forms of the festival.

Welcome to the uncanny…

Detailed information about the submission process and the call for entries is available at the following link:
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The 19th Athens Digital Arts Festival is co-financed by the Hellenic Republic and the European Union through the Regional Operational Programme of “Attica” in the framework of NSRF 2014-2020.

The festival offers awards for the 3 first places of each of its categories. During the exhibition, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite artworks and choose winners. The nomination will happen in a beautiful award ceremony, after the festival. During the ceremony, artist will be called to speak about their work and present themselves, while they will receive a unique trophy, mentioning the artwork, the place the work received and the name of the artist. Additionally artists will receive, special stickers and laurels of the festival to add in their website, artwork e.t.c. as they choose. Winning artworks will be featured in parallel activities of the festival with mention of their winning place.

All video & animation techniques are eligible.

All information in your submission form has to be correct and can be used in print and on the web if your film is among the Official selections (excluding personal information). Athens Digital Arts Festival reserves the right to edit or rewrite the text where we see fit.

In order for the submission to be eligible we must receive prior or definitely after the official selections announcement the following:

3 still images from the animation/video (resolution: 300ppi),
a short synopsis (100 words max),
a short artist bio (100 words max),
the video file in mp4, codec H.264

All films are carefully checked before the festival screening however please be aware that the information you provide when you submit your film will ensure it is presented in the correct format.

Each submission must not exceed 20 min, if it does then it's up to the Athens Digital Arts Festival's jurisdiction to review your submission until the end. In this case you must also clearly state the relevance of your submission with the edition's theme (this applies to documentaries and short movies which do not belong in the animation, VR or video art category).

Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with GR copyright laws). By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from the festival after it has been accepted by the selection committee.

The selected entrants will be informed at a date TBD which is when they will also receive the festival laurels.

The artworks featured in our online festival will remain on our website for the duration of the online festival and possible extension.

The festival is both physical and online meaning that artworks that participate in our online version are likely to be selected for our physical event as well. Artist will be accordingly notified in prior.

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  • Thank you for having us!

    July 2022
  • baroka blessed

    A great art festival from Athens!

    June 2022
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    Thank you so much!!

  • Amazing festival. Wishing you all the best for the future :)

    June 2022
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    Thank you, Sheyda, for your kind words!

  • Honored to have 3 of our short films selected. Wetsitales! Thank you.

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank YOU, Jade! Your works were all amazing!

  • Muy lindo festival lleno de grandes artistas, me alegro haber sido parte de él.

    June 2022