The African Christian Movie/Music Award is a Project conceived by Christian Entertainment practitioners in Nollywood of various denomination, and it is designed to reward excellence, celebrate creativity and Christian values in movies industries in Africa and the propagation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Listed Award Winners will get a trophy:
ACMA Best Actor of the year (Male & Female)
ACMA Best Movie of the year (Producer)
ACMA Best Movie Director
ACMA Best Musician (Male & Female)
ACMA Best Music Producer
ACMA Best Music Video
ACMA Evergreen Music Award
ACMA Excellence in Service to Humanity Award
ACMA Tele – Evangelist Award
ACMA Movie Production Church/Ministry Award
ACMA Entertainment Supporting Ministry/Church of the year
ACMA Integrity Preacher Award
ACMA Interfaith Ambassador Award
ACMA Kingdom Patriarch Award
ACMA Best Comedian Award

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Nothing in these terms and conditions create legal rights, for, or enforceable by, any party other than the customer and the company