The Abita Springs International Film Festival is excited to present its second annual festival January 24-26, 2025 with an invitation to film makers from the parish, the state, and the world!

The Abita Springs International Film Festival is located in beautiful and historic Abita Springs, Louisiana, USA. A town rich with artists from all backgrounds, it is the perfect setting to inspire and nurture the independent film culture. ASIFF welcomes entries from around the world along with highlighting entries from Louisiana. Our goal is to provide local, national, and international films a platform to express that unique artistic voice that showcases the wonder and exuberance of the world or simply tells a story about the human experience.

Our Mission
The Abita Springs Film Festival (ASIFF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the art of film and providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work. We believe that film is a powerful medium that can be used to educate, entertain, and inspire. We are committed to presenting a diverse range of films that reflect the rich tapestry of the human experience. Through educational programs, we hope to inspire new film makers by connecting them with career-advancing resources and thereby cultivating a diverse film culture on the Northshore.

Our Goals
- Educate the public about the art of film
- Inspire and entertain audiences with the power of film
- Promote the diversity of voices in the film industry
- Support the growth of the independent film community
- Provide online resources that provide information about film and filmmakers

The ASIFF accomplishes its goals through the following activities:
- An annual film festival that features a diverse selection of films from around the
- Offering educational programs and workshops.
- Partnering with other organizations that support independent film.

The judges of the Abita Springs International Film Festival will select the films to be awarded for each category. The festival curators will compile the list of official selections that will go in this year’s program for the weekend screenings. The Official Selections and the slate of films will be announced a month prior to the festival. The winners will be announced at the conclusion of the event, on our website and on social media. Each category winner will receive a certificate of recognition.

- Best Director
- Best Screenplay
- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- 7 in 7 Winner (Contest in St. Tammany Parish for 7 minute Film made in 7 Days)
- Best Louisiana Film
- Best Film: The Healing Waters Award! The film that best showcases the mission of the

The Abita Springs International Film Festival is a film festival located in the town of Abita Springs, LA,USA and founded by a collective of Independent filmmakers in the Northshore area. Submissions must be made online (via Official Selections will be screened at the festival event on January 24-26, 2025 .

Abita Springs International Film Festival is defined as the name of the festival and as the group of members, volunteers, agents, reviewers, judges, presenters, and any other entity assisting either physically or non-physically to any portion thereof.
Entrant is defined as any person, agent, group, association, volunteer, or any entity who submits a film under the guidelines of the Abita Springs International Film Festival.
"Local" is defined as anyone involved in the film project, from any community located along the geographical limits of Abita Springs and Louisiana.

Official Selection and award notifications will be delivered electronically. Physical awards (trophies, certificates, etc.) will be given to the award winners at the award ceremony during the Abita Springs International Film Festival weekend respective to categories.
Entrants warrant that they have the legal right to enter film work to the Abita Springs International Film Festival. As the Director/Producer of the Film, entrants have submitted to the Festival, entrants represent and warrant to the Festival that the Film and all parts thereof are original; that the Film does not contravene the rights of any person or entity and that entrants own or control the Film and all parts thereof and have the sole authority to submit the Film to the Festival; the Film entrants submitted to the Festival is not subject to nor threatened by any litigation.

Entrants acknowledge that no fiduciary or confidential relationship now exists between the Festival and entrants, and entrants further acknowledge that no such relationship is established by these guidelines, by submission of the Film, or by the Abita Springs International Film Festival’s acceptance, review or retention of the Film.
If a film is accepted, entrants will be solely responsible for delivering their exhibition video materials to Abita Springs International Film Festival . By submitting to the Abita Springs International Film Festival, you give the administrators and agents of this festival permission to screen your film during the festival weekend at the festival’s discretion.

The creator, agent, or delegate of any selected film submission agrees to and acknowledges that the Abita Springs International Film Festival holds the right to the use of any materials submitted for promotional purposes as the Abita Springs International Film Festival deems necessary.

Submission Rules and Regulations:
- Submission fees are non-refundable.
- All non-English Films must have English Subtitles.
- Actual film run time no longer than 35 minutes for short films and a minimum of 60
minutes for feature films. An overage for credits is allowed.

Overall Rating
  • I feel honored my documentary screened and was selected at Best Documentary Feature at the inaugural Abita Springs International Film Festival. I attended almost all of the screenings and had a blast meeting other filmmakers and folks in the area film industry. The evening after my screening we had an impromptu Q & A with folks and it was inspiring to hear the range of feedback. I look forward to watching the festival grow in the coming years.

    February 2024
  • shi lei

    It's an honor to be chosen, it's a great experience!

    January 2024
  • Maryam Rahimi

    Bellissimo festival, organizzato molto bene. Grazie♥️

    January 2024