The Golden Eyes Film Festival is a project of the students of the Film Studies Department within the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University based in Prague.

This festival is focused on the practical work of film theory students and students of related fields.

We believe that films made by such students are often unique in the way they use conceptual and film history knowledge to produce works that explore a range of theoretical ideas and can even reflect upon the very nature of the medium as the means of an artistic expression.

Submitted film footage must be UNDER 20 minutes.

We are searching for audiovisual works made by theorists!
We are looking for a different approach in film language and film form!
No limitations in the choice of topic!
No genre or film form limitations!
No technical quality requirements!

I agree with the screening of my film during the Golden Eyes Reflections:
Golden Eyes Reflections are non-commercial screenings of selected films after the termination of the Golden Eyes Film Festival.

By sending this form you agree that the film, that you have submitted, can be included into the programme of the 25. International Film Festival for the film theory students Golden Eyes, that will take place on the 14th - 15th of May 2020 in Prague.

Overall Rating
  • Mahammad Safarli

    small and friendly atmosphere, sweet people

    June 2019
  • It was a pleasure to be a part of the festival!

    June 2019
  • Sapru actor, film maker

    Finest festival with tradition and innovation, great judges, warm ambience.

    May 2019
  • Azalia Muchransyah

    A very cool festival. I wish I can come to Prague for it. Thank you for the great communication and updates on your social media channel. I hope I can participate again in the future.

    May 2019