In the town of Zlatna, county of Alba, Romania, will be held on 10 - 12 August 2018 the sixth edition of Festivalul International de Film Etnografic (FIFE) – Zlatna International Ethnographic Film Festival (ZIEFF).

The festival is dedicated to productions that have an ethnographic character!

Considered the gateway to the Apuseni Mountains, the town of Zlatna has a bimilenar history. During the Roman period there was a thriving settlement - Ampelum - raised to the rank of city, which was an important gold mining center. Today, Zlatna is trying to find its way by capitalizing on the cultural and tourist heritage of the area.

The International Ethnographic Film Festival Zlatna aims to promote culture and national traditions. ZIEFF - the only ethnographic film festival in Romania, has the role of discovering new talents and promotes the exchange of cultural values with other countries. The festival is open to all filmmakers who want to contribute to building national or international cultural heritage.The contestants who participated in the previous editions of the Zlatna Ethnographic Film Festival were professionals or amateurs filmmakers from 99 countries. The films presented surprised the audience with images and stories from all over the world.

Filmmakers and producers are invited to participate in this sixth edition ZIEFF by submitting his ethnographic documentary films.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the ZIEFF 2018 awards:

1. Best Ethnographic Film: ”Călărași, a land by the gate of heaven”, Moldova, director Dumitru Grosei
2. Best Director: ”Nine Knots”, Venezuela, director Lorena Colmenares
3. Best Cinematography: ”MEXICO awaiting for the souls of the dead”, Poland, director Malgorzata Szyszka
4. Best Soundtrack: ”Folk! a gaze at traditional music”, Spania, director Pablo García Sanz
5. Best Editing: ”The Last Guardians”, Marea Britanie, directed by Joe Tucker, Adam Punzano
6. Best Student Film: ”When the Dragon came”, România, director Stefan Pavlovic
7. ”Director Horea Popescu” Award: ”War of religions in my family”, Bosnia și Herzegovina, director Nedim Loncarevic
8. Award for the prezervation of the material heritage: ”Moldova in Vogue”, Moldova, director Stas Ciorescu
9. Award for the prezervation of the immaterial heritage: ”Lullaby for Dragon”, Rusia, director Igor Osipov

The festival trophy (the best ethnographic film)
Best Director
Best cinematography
Best soundtrack
Best editing
Best student film

The winner of the festival's trophy will receive a $ 500 prize.

We are pleased to announce the ZIEFF 2018 finalists:

When the Dragon came - Romania
Breaking Waves - Portugal
Beyond the mas - Guadeloupe
War of religions in my family - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Portraits in Malga - Italy
My soul yearns - Croatia
Mareverde - Racconti di una stagione perduta - Italy
Folk! A gaze at traditional music - Spain
Nine Knots - Venezuela
MEXICO awaiting for the souls of the dead - Poland
The Last Guardians - United Kingdom
Virgo - Romania
Going South - Italy
Lullaby for Dragon - Russian Federation
Moldova in Vogue - Moldova
The Last Ones Standing - The Duba Craftsman - Romania

ZIEFF admits only documentary films on ethnographic themes, without any restrictions, regardless of whether they have participated in other festivals or not.

Movies must have cinematic qualities, artistic implications, and a strong presence of the creator's point of view, both in form and content. In particular, creative documentaries and author's films focus on how to approach the origin, lifestyle, culture, and habits of communities and peoples.
Movies that are not in Romanian must have subtitles in English, including the title and cast.
Films participating in previous ZIEFF editions, whether prize-winning or not, will no longer be accepted in the competition.
ZIEFF does not pay movie screening fees.

The main criterion for judging will be the film's belonging to the ethnographic genre. Will be taken into account the relationship between the theme, the visual conception and the achievement. The decisions of the jury are final and can not be challenged.

Contact and communication

Information and announcements about the festival, the calendar of events, etc. are published on the festival's website and on the facebook page

Overall Rating
  • Thank you to the jury and the organization of ZIEFF for selecting my film "Breaking Waves".

    September 2018
  • Jesse Pickett

    Awesome festival! Great communication. Very proud to have been included :)

    September 2018
  • Although, on this occasion, I could not travel and be in person at the Zlatna International Ethnographic Film Festival (Zieff), I received an excellent email deal from the organization and its coordinators. They were always quick to respond and very friendly. I thank the Zlatna Ethnographic Film Festival (Zieff) team for allowing me to participate in their festival and I wish you much success in your upcoming events.

    September 2018
  • A very nice festival. I was welcomed with great hospitality. I enjoyed the stay and met great people.
    I witnessed a lot of beautiful traditions that were being shown during the festival, in a very beautiful, peaceful place, with great landscapes.
    I was surprised and really delighted to receive the Festival Trophy - ”The best ethnographic film”. Thank you very much for such an appreciation for my film - CĂLĂRAȘI - A LAND BY THE GATE OF HEAVEN.

    August 2018
  • Malgorzata Walczak

    The Festival with mission, value, iinteresting stories. Some days in September in Romania with so different cultures and films! So sensitive jury - thank you very much!

    October 2017