Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! Coming November 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2016, under the "Big Top" of the Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, California, we present you the ZAMOXIS SHORT FILM SHOWCASE! The festival is a celebration of the Art of Short Films.

Entry to our short film festival is FREE WITH UPLOAD (see details below).

We came into this world as a video-on-demand platform exclusively for short films. More precisely, "festival" short films: that is, short films that have shown as "official selections" at international festivals.

* Zamoxis has the most filmmaker-friendly terms anywhere; NO set-up fees,
* Non-exclusive (show your films anywhere else); NO strings attached,
* All rights remain with the filmmaker at all times.
* There is no downside and a lot to gain by becoming a Zamoxis filmmaker.

Filmmakers may choose to upload ANY eligible short film (not necessarily the ones you're submitting to the November festival) onto Zamoxis ( and we'll waive the entry fee to our film festival (please email us to get your FilmFreeway waiver code).

Filmmakers are not required to upload short films to the Zamoxis platform to be eligible for the November festival, however, a low entry fee will apply. All entries will be judged impartially.

To recap: for FREE ENTRY to our festival do the following:
1. UPLOAD ANY eligible short film (new or old) onto Zamoxis;
2. EMAIL us ( to get a FilmFreeway waiver code;
3. SUBMIT your short film(s) to our festival via FilmFreeway.

NOTE: Films selected for the Zamoxis Short Film Showcase will only screen in a theater (Monica Film Center), NOT online.

All entries will be judged by a panel of Hollywood film industry professionals, and the Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000. Other cool prizes will be announced shortly before the festival commences.

1. Entries must not exceed 40 minutes in length (including credits).
2. All non-English language films must have English subtitles.
3. Your film must have been produced no earlier than 2 years before the start of the Film Festival ("Showcase")-- November 2014 or later.
4. Multiple entries are allowed from a Filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories. A separate entry fee is required for each submission.
5. Submissions may NOT be withdrawn from the Showcase once they have been entered, except at the sole discretion of the Showcase directors.
6. Filmmaker MUST have proper license to all copyrighted music, video, and images projected in their short film.
7. Our preferred method for submissions is via online screener, digital streaming via private link or password protected via Vimeo or similar sites.
8. A Filmmaker may opt to upload an eligible short film on Zamoxis ( and receive a waiver code for the Showcase. If your short film has already been selected at an international film festival then you are eligible to upload it on Zamoxis (inquire for waiver code after uploading your film onto our platform). The film you're uploading on Zamoxis may be different than the film you're submitting to our festival (that is, you may upload an older eligible short film). There are no set-up fees to sign up with Zamoxis and the rights are non-exclusive, meaning you can also show your film anywhere else. You just need a Paypal account, as that's how you get paid. Our terms are the most filmmaker-friendly possible. You may take your film down at any point, but if the film is "in competition" we ask that you keep it on the platform at least until the time of the official selection announcement, else the film may become ineligible for selection. You may, of course, keep your film on Zamoxis and make money as long as you want, even if your film is not selected for the Showcase. What you do with your film is entirely up to you.
9. After selection, notification letters will be sent electronically.
10. All selected films may be excerpted (up to 2 minutes) for publicity purposes.

That’s pretty much it. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Overall Rating
  • Laura Reich

    Great venue, quality films, and inviting atmosphere. Thanks for having us!

    January 2017
  • Radu Ionescu

    My short has been selected and showcased in Santa Monica but I couldn't attend the event. Nonetheless, Zamoxis is a great platform to showcase your work!

    December 2016
  • Nikki Farren

    The festival directors Al and Max did a great job! The venue in Santa Monica was truly exceptional. The screening blocks were filled with high quality films. Great networking opportunities. Overall wonderful experience for an indie filmmaker. Highly recommend! This was only their first year, can't imagine how great it will be next year!

    November 2016
  • Nancy Gifford

    Great group of people. Good communication. Thanks for the screening in Santa Monica!

    November 2016