An outpost to investigate the present in view of the future.
An immersive experience in screen dance.
Crossing borders between choreography, cinema, motion, new technologies, creativity and innovative storytelling.

ZED Festival welcomes international screendance and crossmedia works, with a particular attention to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, triggering connections between dance and new media.
The 2021 edition will expecially foster the role of choreographic composition within screendance productions, through two special dedicated awards: Best Choreography and Best Performer.

ZED Festival aims to become a landmark for screendance in Italy by facilitanting immersive creative processes and programming short films & feature films, 360 ° films, VR / AR performances, talks and workshops.

We invite you to participate and explore new performative places together, nurture individual and collective knowledge and generate explosive synergies.

ZED Festival is realized in the frame of "R.I.Si.Co. Rete Interattiva per Sistemi Coreografici", with the support of MiC (Ministero della Cultura).

Jury members will be designated by ZED Festival Artistic Direction and will be composed by both dance and cinema representatives. The Jury will assign, among the selected films, two Awards, in cash prizes:
Best Film (1000€)
Best Choreography (750€)
The same jury will assign a special mention to the Best performer.
The Festival’s Audience will assign an Audience Award.

Films awarded with Best Film, Best Choreography and Audience Award will be selected for one screening for Agite y Sirva Festival Itinerante de Videodanza next edition.

1. Screendance Film Competition
dance films, films related to choreography and movement;
short films between 1 and 25 minutes;
films not older than 3 years;
max. 3 submissions per filmmaker.

2. 360° VR FILM
films related to dance, choreography and movement, specifically meant to be seen on a VR headset;
no duration limits;
films not older than 5 years;
max. 3 submissions per filmmaker.

WARNING: music videos, trailers or recordings of performances, commercials, home-made videos will not be accepted;

- Deadlines for both section:
Open Call Publication: May 7th, 2021
Submission form Opening: May 21th, 2021
Early Bird Deadline: June 17th, 2021 (free)
Regular Deadline: July 7th, 2021 (5€ fee)

- Submissions must be made thru the festival’s official online submission platform FilmFreeway.

- Notifications about the film selection 2021 will be sent by August 10th, 2021 and announced online by September 2021.

- By submitting your film, you grant ZED Festival the right to screen it during the Festival period at Manifattura delle Arti District (or any other location of the festival) in Bologna without the paying of any screening fees. Each selected film will be shown live at least once during the Festival.

- By submitting your film, ZED Festival is granted the right to screen the submitted 360° VR films during the festival period at MAMBo Museo d'Arte Contemporanea (or any other location of the festival) in Bologna under the payment of a 150€ fee, for the whole duration of the Festival from September 22nd to September 29th.

- General scheduling and timetable of screenings are entirely at the discretion of the festival.

- In case your film is selected for screening you will be asked to send a copy of the film with a minimum quality of Full HD (1920 x 1080), before September 7th, 2021
typical film Full HD file: Codec: H264; Format: MP4; Aspect: 16:9 o 4/3 depending on the source; Height: 1080px; AVG Bitrate: 10MBPS or more; Sound: 5.1 AAC 48Hz 320 or stereo (Only 1 audio layer mixed); Framerate: 24 or 25fps

- in presence of dialogue, English subtitles are requested

ZED Festival is based in Bologna and partner of a wider national project, R.I.Si.Co – Rete Interattiva per Sistemi Coreografici with Cro.Me (Milan) and COORPI (Turin), with the support of MiC (Ministero Italiano della Cultura). R.I.Si.Co is part of a national network of dance & film festivals, among which it helds selected screendance programs all along the year. Under agreement with the authors, who will always be priorly informed, the selected films, both for screendance and 360°/ VR, could become part of special screenings curated by ZED Festival in other venues, for the duration of a year or before ZED Festival 2022 Edition. The artists and its films will always be treated with the maximum respect they deserve.

Also, selected films will be part of a permanent Archive, that will be implemented on ZED Festival website. If your film is being commercially exploited by its director or producer, or for strategic distribution reasons, a trailer will be used and a link will be provided for its purchase or payment on demand until the end of said period.

- By submitting your film you claim to have full ownership of the film and / or have cleared all the rights. ZED Festival shall under no circumstances be liable for any claims by third parties.

- ZED Festival is granted the right to use the submitted films, film stills, posters and trailers for promotional purposes on the internet, television and other media. An excerpt of max. 35 sec of each submitted film may be used for that purpose.

- The film information provided by the participant in the entry form will be used for festival publications. Catalogue writings are entirely at the discretion of the festival. ZED Festival accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.

- The film submitter’s personal contact details will be kept in the ZED Festival database after the festival. This information is only used to request additional screenings and will never be made public nor given to third parties without consent of the submitter.

- In case of faulty projection, the festival cannot be held liable for immaterial damages suffered by the director, producer or distributor.

- ZED Festival is very happy to have the filmmakers present at the festival, unfortunately the festival cannot cover travel and accommodation.

Overall Rating
  • Martina Faux

    El Festival ZED es un festival de alta calidad técnica y con un trabajo de equipo muy profesional. Son prolijos y dedicados en todas sus presentaciones, y aunque no tuve la suerte de estar allí, unas semanas antes del festival me pude reunir en Bologna a charlar con uno de sus organizadores. Me pareció un gesto hermoso, interesarse por los realizadores de los trabajos seleccionados.
    Me encantaría poder presenciar la próxima edición. Un placer conocerlos y muchas gracias!
    Saludos, Martina Faux Marambio -the invisible inheritance-

    October 2021