The Sarajevo Youth Film Festival has been promoting debutants and young filmmakers from the region and Europe for 15 years. OFF has so far presented close to 200 new young authors from around the world and close to 600 films. On average, the annual Festival features 50 authors from 11 countries. Every year, the Festival gathers an increasing number of young authors and guests who recognize the Festival's commitment to short student professional and amateur film, topics important to the world around us and commitment and focus on new ideas and people. Over 40,000 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region have visited the festival in the last 14 years.

On average, the Festival is represented by 200 accredited guests (per Festival) and dozens of journalist teams, of which 5 are international eminent media that cover festival events, programs and activities. young people, not ignoring the importance of the older generations in the process of presenting the film as the optimal solution to all the problems that the current generation is facing. The organization of the Festival is certainly one of the youngest festival - production teams in Europe, with an average age of 25.
The Sarajevo Youth Film Festival focuses on regional and European short student and short professional films. The goal is to promote young filmmakers from Southeast Europe and create a platform and environment within which they can present their professional and amateur films and gain new contacts and connections for further action.

In previous years, the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo proved to be an unavoidable and unique event for young people that brings together authors and guests from more than 10 countries in one edition and this is one of the main reasons why we feel the need and duty to do such a festival. Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the region in which it is located, is a country that attaches very little importance and attention to young people, especially young people who are involved in film and any other art. The Sarajevo Youth Film Festival wants to address these problems and shortcomings. In addition to the standard film competition program, OFF focuses on education and the acquisition of new knowledge through the prism of film and art about current and important issues that afflict young generations.

The goal of the Festival is to revive a healthy competitive spirit and enable young filmmakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and Europe to meet, exchange experiences and make new acquaintances, and to gain new skills and knowledge by presenting their works.
What everyone recognizes about the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival is the love for short films, but also for the unique locations of our open-air cinemas. Ambiences of unconventional cinema spaces and unique atmospheres when watching movies are our trademarks. The unique ambience of the Yellow Bastion, the most attractive city lookout and the beautiful hall of the House of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where our open-air cinemas are located, are unique moments that everyone remembers fondly.

Best Short movie in OFF Shorts
Best Short movie in OFF Generation Shorts
Best Feature Movie OFF Generation Features
Best Actress/Actor in Movies
Best Actor/Actress in Series
Best Short film decided by Youth Jury
Best Feature Movie OFF Generation Features by Youth Jury

Films are judged by an international jury panel made up of experienced directors, producers and editors. Films in OFF Generation Features selection are judged by the audience.

General terms and conditions of participation in the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival

Terms and conditions of the Festival competition


The festival screens domestic and foreign short (minimum 2 minutes and maximum 25 minutes of duration in OFF Shorts and maximum 30 minutes in OFF Generation Shorts) and feature-length (minimum 60 minutes of duration) films made between the two festivals, as well as films that are no more than one year old and which were not submitted for competition at the Youth Film Festival or submitted to the festival selector in the previous year. selection period. Films selected through a public competition, by special invitation of the Festival or by invitation to participate may be shown at the festival.


The festival selector, by reviewing all submitted or invited films, forms competitive and non-competitive selections. The selections that make up the festival program are approved by the Festival Board. Only films that have been submitted in the format and in the manner and within the time limit stipulated by the Rules of the Youth Film Festival and the conditions of the application competition for participation in the festival defined as part of the film application application can be shown at the festival. The festival reserves the right to keep the records of awarded films. (screener) which can be used exclusively for documentation and festival promotion purposes.


Films in non-competition units are selected exclusively by the selector or the sector of the Festival's program and that through the protocol on cooperation with other Festivals. The Festival selector or the Festival program sector exclusively invite films in non-competitive selections to participate in the Festival, which means that there is no possibility of applying or registering a film as an integral part of this segment of the film program.


All submitted films in the competition program, that are, their producers - producers, both domestic and foreign, are not entitled to compensation for showing films.


By applying to the competition, all applicants give the Festival the opportunity to document their data, regardless of whether their film will be selected for the official selection or not.


The Festival reserves the right to promote and broadcast films from the official selections during the Festival and as part of accompanying festival events throughout the year within territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina if difference is not agreed.

The festival reserves the right to subsequently change the selection, competition regulations and change the broadcast and screening dates of the selected films.


The description by categories and selections are described in detail, which can be found on the Festival's official page in section Festival Profile.

As stated, the Festival reserves the right to reject a specific film or application and consider it invalid if it does not meet the general requirements or is considered unfavourable for the Festival.

Terms and conditions of use of the Festival website and protection of user data are available at