Youth Film Festival (OFF) Sarajevo has a long tradition of 12 years now. The original and primary reason for its establishment was to activate and promote young people and their values.

Youth Film Festival Sarajevo has international character. The festival has so far introduced nearly 70 authors from 15 different countries. The concept of the festival is based on the film competition and showcase program and platform of the educational program.

In 2018 Festival will introduce Industry program called OFF Mini Market which will present 10 developing projects from 5 countries that will have a chance to pitch their ideas in order to find coproducers or full finance support from the Festival funding.

Best Short movie in Wolf Competition - Main SELECTION
Best Short movie in OFF Generation Selection
Best Feature Movie

Films are judged by an international jury panel made up of experienced directors, producers and editors. Films in OFF Generation Selection and The biggest 5 selection are juged by Festival program board.

General information:
- 13th Youth Film Festival Sarajevo (hereinafter 12 OFF) will be held from 13 to 18 July 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- The contest for the filing of films in all categories opens on December 1 2019
- 13th OFF in 2021 presents three competitive categories:
1. The main program WOLF COMPETITION - a competing student professional film
2. OFF GENERATION - movies of students who have completed the academy maximum 3 years ago or films of older affirmed authors intended for young people

(1) General Terms for Signing In to 13 OFF
(a) The right to apply for WOLF COMPETITION have films made by all affirmative young professional authors and academia students between the ages of 18 and 25
(b) The right to apply for films for the OFF GENERATION category are former students of the Academy until the age of 26 or affirmed senior filmmakers whose films are intended for young people
(c) Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries of the world have the right to participate
(2) Film Specifications
- A registered movie in all categories must not be older than 1 year
- The maximum duration of the movie in all categories is 15 minutes apart from OFF Generation where the maximum duration of the movie is 30 minutes and the minimum duration of each movie is 6 minutes. This rule can be changed if the selectors so decide
- Films that are not recorded in English must be subtitles in English or films must be submitted in .srt format
(3) Application form and obligations of the applicant
(a) Films are filed exclusively through the online application for filming on the Festival website
(a.1) Movies attached to the app are attached to the locked and protected links or as download links.
(a.2.) Films must be available in .mp4 or .mov format
(a.3.) Trailer film, if any, may be on the available and unlocked link
(b) All required information in the application is required
(c) At the moment when the applicant submits the application for participation at the Festival, and when the application is received and registered, it can no longer be withdrawn which means that if the movie is selected the same will be broadcast
(d) Applicants after the filing application must have been made available to the email or any other contact specified in the application for a more detailed organization to participate in their films at the Festival
(f) The Applicant agrees that the information on the submitted film will be accurate and correct, and that the Festival will be made available to the Festival all the necessary information, materials and other content for complete and complete application
(g) The Applicant waives the right to a fee for displaying the film within the Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo and the Festival does not limit the number of films presented within one edition
(4) Awards
(a) The award for the best movie in the WOLF COMPETITION
(b) The award for the best film in the selection of OFF GENERATION
(5) The award for the best feature movie
(a) All authors whose films are selected for the Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo Competition Program will be specially and in addition contacted by the Festival's program and hospitality service with the aim of solving further logistical and technical details of the Festival's own participation
(b) Authors whose films are not selected for selection of the Festival's Competition Program are not entitled to the refund of funds paid in the process of applying for the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo if the film was filed through
(c) The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo reserves the right to modify and amend the selection of films and to modify or supplement this competition or list of selected films without any explanation
(fd Applicants undertake the confidentiality of information exchanged in official correspondence with the representatives of the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo and agree not to place them on third parties.
(6) Announcement of the results of the competition
(a) The names of the films and authors selected for the competition selection will be officially published no later than 20 days before the Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo, while the authors will be published for a maximum of 50 days from the closing date.
(6) Final Provisions
(a) 13th OFF reserves the right to modify all entries without prior notice

Overall Rating
  • Mark Kuhlmann

    It was an honor to have been selected. Great communication. Hope to be back with antoher project and be able to attend the festival in person!

    August 2020
  • Ivan Basov

    Omladinski a forward-thinking survivor. It was amazing how they tackled the pandemic problem with cool drive-in and open-air measures. The communication was also nice, efficient, and friendly. Keep in mind, guys, that this is one of those rare short film festivals that is willing to fly and accomodate you at its expense. Festivals like this should be cherished and supported. Too bad COVID prevented my crew's visit to Sarajevo this year. Maybe next time.

    August 2020
  • Egor Isaev

    OFF is superb festival for young authors. The communication was very nice and friendly. Good luck!

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Egor and once again congrats for your movie! We hope so to see u again very soon!


  • Tommaso Frangini

    It's the second time I go to Sarajevo to attend this amazing festival full of talented and motivated people, a great point of exchange for young authors from all around the world and an important voice for our generation

    September 2019
  • Aglaja Filipović

    Unfortunately I was not able to attend the festival but I must say that communication was the best I ever had with a festival. I have no doubts that experience in Sarajevo was on the same level. I can only hope to attend one day.

    September 2019