“Y-Istanbul the 1st OIC Youth Capital Film Awards” is one of the major cultural events of the Istanbul – OIC Youth Capital 2015/16 International Programme. This event is co-organized by ICYF-DC and International Bosphorus Cinema Association as a part of the 3rd International Bosphorus Film Festival and will focus on youth. The Gala Ceremony of the 3rd International Bosphorus Film Festival will be held on 27 November 2015 in Istanbul and the winners of the “Y-Istanbul the 1st OIC Youth Capital Film Awards” will be awarded during this ceremony.
Theme: “Youth Creativity for Global Solutions”
We expect to receive creative short films that reflect from youth perspective the social problems prioritized (but not limited) as “refugees”, “youth participation” and “globalization and ethical challenges”.


The youth institutions of more than 60 countries, including the OIC Member States and non-Member States with Muslim minority communities as well as 7 international youth organizations that are members to the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC, an international institution affiliated to the OIC) nominated Istanbul to host the 1st OIC Youth Capital for 2015-2016. The Programme was approved by the OIC Member States and official partners of ICYF-DC in realization of the Programme are Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Turkey.

The program containing various youth events and activities throughout a year in Istanbul aims:
- to promote youth issues in the OIC geography and beyond,
- to encourage the implementation of new ideas and innovative projects, with regard to the active participation of young people in society
- to foster the sense of belonging among the OIC youth referring to common cultural heritage, historical background of the states and experience of the societies on co-existence and tolerance
- to promote the “youth capitals” giving a chance to showcase through a various cultural and academic programmes its youth-related cultural, social, political and economic life and development.

For more information you can visit: http://oicyouthcapital.com/

Participation Criteria: the short films should be either directed by the artists/social activists under 35 or focus on youth issues/perspectives on the subjects mentioned above without any age limit.

1st Place: 5000 USD
2nd Place: 3000 USD
3rd Place: 2000 USD
OIC Youth Capital Special Award: 1500 USD

1- Films completed after the 1st of January 2014 can take part in the competition.
2- Fictional, animated, experimental and documentary films can take part in the competition.
3- Movies are invited in the following categories:Experimental and Animation movies considered in Fictional category: Youth Creativity for Global Solutions
4- Fictional, animated and experimental movies of maximum 20 minutes and documentary movies of maximum 30 minutes (including credits) can participate in the competition.
5- Competitors can apply with more than one works.
6- Having participated in national or international competitions or having been granted an award from such competitions does not constitute an impediment to participation in the competition.
7- Festival administration has the right to use a 30-second part of the movie, provided that it is with promotional purposes.
8- The owners of the works cannot withdraw their movies from the festival.
9- Movies watched and deemed eligible for the competition by the preliminary jury shall be announced through the official web page of the competition and through media in November 2015. There shall be no notice for the owners of the movies which cannot pass the preliminary elimination.
10- Solely 1 (one) representative from the creative team of the movies accepted to the competition may be invited to the festival. Festival attendance dates shall be announced by the festival administration.
11- The movies are screened for the juries and the audience in halls and with a schedule deemed appropriate by the festival administration. During the screenings, the festival administration or the hall attendant cannot be requested to change the hall, session or schedule.
12- The owners of the movies, which pass the preliminary elimination and earn the right to participate in the competition, have to submit their films in DCP or Blu-ray copy with English language subtitle to festival office in 7 days after announcement of their names.
13- The movies that apply for the festival shall be kept in the festival archives.


1- The preliminary jury and the main jury are composed of at least 5 (five) and 7 (seven) members, respectively.
2- The selections of the juries are at the sole discretion of the administration of the festival. The festival administration may select the jury members from the members of the festival administration, screenwriters, academicians, professionals of the cinema sector, professionals of other fields of arts, managers of other film festivals, journalists whom the administration believes that they are competent in cinema and especially in culture and arts.
3- The festival administration may assign an observer, who shall not have voting rights, in the jury meetings to provide assistance in the functioning of the regulation of the festival.
4- The names of the jury members are declared during the press conference of the festival.
5- As a result of the evaluation of the preliminary jury, maximum 20 (twenty) films are nominated for the competition.
6- The jury grants the "Best Film" award solely to one of the films accepted to participate in the competition.
7- The jury may divide the award between more than one films solely by deciding unanimously. If the award is divided between more than one films, the sum of the award is distributed to the winners, as well.
8- The members of the jury are liable to watch all the films and to be present at the jury meetings. The members of the jury may either watch the films collectively on the dates to be determined by the festival administration, or watch them on his/her own.
9- The members of the jury may elect a chairman, if they prefer to do so.
10- The jury may not make a decision as to not granting any awards. It is obliged to select one of the films. However, it may declare such a case with a justified decision.
11- The jury members shall not share their opinions related with the films to anybody under any circumstances, except for the jury evaluation meeting.


* At least 8 films should have applied or should have passed the preliminary elimination for the competition to be held.
* All the written information provided by the applicant on the online application form is deemed to be correct by the festival administration. Any legal responsibility that may arise due to deceptive information is borne by the applicant.
* The owner of the work is liable to submit the permission documents related with the copyrighted work (music, image, text, etc.), used in the film and which may give rise to legal consequences, to the festival administration. Any legal responsibility that may arise in relation with any such copyrights are borne by the owner of the work.
* All work owners who have applied to the competition are deemed to have accepted any issues mentioned in the application form and in this regulation.
* The authority of decision as to any issue other than those under this regulation belongs to the festival administration.
* Any materials in relation with the films, which have either participated in the competition, or which were decided to be non-eligible and could not pass the preliminary elimination, are not returned and they are kept by the festival administration.
* The festival administration keeps reserves the right to make any changes to this regulation.
* The materials mentioned above should be prepared completely and submitted to the Festival Center. Otherwise, even if the film passes the preliminary elimination, it may be excluded from the competition by the festival administration.
* Cash prizes will be paid after legal tax deductions and exchange rates.