Xsection: A Dance and Science Film Festival sparking interdisciplinary collaboration between dance - science - film. As physical beings, we naturally engage with laws of motion. Therefore what better way to show this innate intuition but through the art of dance film.

The methodologies of scientific research and dance creation are abstract. The film can document visual forms and create a tangible record of these concepts. The vision of XSFF is to archive the expression of current scientific findings and instigate with dancemakers on topical scientific issues - space exploration - medical advancements- fundamental principles. The platform is open to interpretation as long as artists are collaborating across disciplines of science and dance.

Boston is a hub for medical advancement and scientific innovation, therefore an ideal location to debut Xsection Film Festival. The current venue, Room 83 Spring, is a gallery space located in Watertown, MA. The space was chosen due to the venue's mission of collaboration and conversation. A site for experimentation and process, Room hosts a mix of creative disciplines, provocative installations, and engaging exchange. Arts without exception, it's all about the conversation.

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Judges Choice Award

Student Award (high school and higher ed)

Rules & Terms

Xsection Film Fest
2020 Terms and Conditions of Entry

All selected films will be screened at the live event TBD in fall of 2020.

XSFF will accept up to 20 films (3:14 minutes and under). XSFF will consider both emerging and professional artists and provide a platform for screening, feedback sessions, and networking opportunities. Preference will be given to artists submitting from the Greater Boston Area.

Entry Instructions
1. Entries will be accepted through FilmFreeway.
2. All entries must have been produced after 1 January 2019.
3. All films must have been a product of collaboration between dance, science, and film.
4. Confirmation of receipt of entry will be emailed.
5. Acceptable files include .mov & .mp4.

Judging & Selection
A film review panel will consist of dancers, artists, filmmakers, and scientists. This panel shall decide which entries make it to the final judging round and select award winners.

All selected films will screen as part of the 2021 Festival, location and date TBD.

By submitting your film for the Festival you are agreeing it can be screened at the event/future events highlighting selected films from previous seasons.

Copyright & Permissions
1. Copyright resides entirely with the artist(s). By submitting your entry to the Festival you confirm that have obtained all releases necessary (soundtrack included) for the public exhibition of your work.
2. In the case of student works, you must ensure you have obtained permission from students and/or their parents to use their image in your films. By submitting your entry to the festival you confirm you have received all required permissions.
3. Xsection Film Festival will not be held responsible for any breach of copyright or permissions arising from any entries submitted.

Promotional Use
Entrants shall allow clips or images from their works, to be reproduced by Xsection Film Festival's social media for promotional purposes only. Please provide a 300dpi image for this purpose.

Entry Statement
By submitting an entry in the Festival, you declare your understanding, compliance, and acceptance of all terms included in this application.

Copyright release
If selected, I grant permission for the film entered to be included in the Xsection Film Festival screening.


I declare that :
I have the authority to convey that all copyright and permissions necessary are secured.
The exhibition of this work will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any person or corporation.

I have read and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ENTRY, and give permission for Xsection Film Festival to use images from the above-titled production for use as required in relation to the Festival for promotional purposes.

The entry is an original production completed after 1 January 2018.
If you are under the age of 18, please have an authorized adult complete and submit this form on your behalf.

Overall Rating
  • Zeynep Akcay

    I love the concept and the festival crew was really effective to organise the festival online this year. It was a pleasure to watch the whole selection!

    December 2020
  • Marloes ten Bhomer

    Interesting, rare, particular and relevant festival! Many thanks for making this festival available online this year!

    November 2020
  • Nice to collaborate. The film clip was projected in the festival and shared in instagram.

    April 2020
  • Maria Matos

    Pretty original and interesting festival!

    July 2019
  • Great experience! Looking forward to the next festival :D

    July 2019