When Denver's Holiday and Santa Fe theaters closed in the late 1970s, Denver's access to Spanish-language films on the big screen (aside from the occasional art house run) essentially vanished.

Sensing the need of a growing Spanish-speaking and bilingual community to see themselves on screen and to hear their stories told, Su Teatro started the Chicano Independent Filmmaker's Festival in 1999.

Now, in it's 25th year, the XicanIndie FilmFest has surpassed its original inception, reaching over 500 patrons annually. Although the festival still highlights the work of local and national Chicano independent filmmakers, the four-day event also includes Mexican classics and cutting edge new films from throughout Latin America.

Su Teatro is searching for new films for the Xicano Independent Filmmakers' Festival (XIFF) XXVI, filmmakers who tell authentic tales, that speak to the experience of the Latino World, document moving stories and life changing events, visually stimulate and engage the audience.

The XicanIndie seeks to give the filmmakers of tomorrow, the opportunity today, along with reaching filmmakers we just don't know yet, or already love. The festival focuses on films by and about Latinos.

If you have additional questions email: xicanindie@suteatro.org

Overall Rating
  • XicanIndie is a wonderful fest to screen at. I was thoroughly impressed with the programming and the hospitable manner. Easy to see why Su Teatro is so revered.

    May 2023
  • I was incredibly honored to be included in this festival and then doubly so when our film received an award. Aside from that though, the organizers created a warm and supportive environment for all of us that were there. When I left, I felt that I was part of a larger community and I was more inspired to continue telling our Latine stories. In regards to the other films that I watched, I was delighted to see that films at all levels of production were included. Meaning that the festival was not all very well-produced work but it included work that was perhaps low on production value but very high on the story telling and content. That is so important for beginning filmmakers or filmmakers who don't have the resources that others have. In an industry where production value is so highly regarded, even more so than the story, XicanIndie validates those of us who are working with limited resources and encourages us to keep working. And sometimes, that's all we need. Thank you XicanIndie, Tony and Molly.

    July 2022
  • Guillermo E. Barahona C.

    A special thank you to the "Su Teatro" team for making the XicanIndie Film Festival a truly wonderful experience. It was an honor to be able to have "Moe" have its Colorado Premiere in Community, and with amazing film makers!

    The hybrid festival was of special note as that's how we were able to connect for the panel after our program. The panel was a great way to hear the stories of other film makers, and connect with amazing story tellers. Thank you so much for making the festival a reality, and looking forward to connecting again soon!

    April 2022
  • Víctor Mendívil

    It was a pleasure to participate in the 24th edition of the XicanIndie Film Fest. The communication was very smooth with Molly and the hospitality during the virtual conversation from the whole team and the other filmmakers has been enormous. Thank you for allowing me to participate with "299.00 (F84.0)"; It means a lot to me to express myself in spaces like the one organized by Su Teatro. I hope to do it again. A hug.

    April 2022
  • Nilton Resende

    It was very gratifying to participate in XicanIndie, from the selection to the moment of showing the films.
    The people at Su Teatro were very affectionate in the e-mail conversations, and the conversation with the filmmakers was also very good.
    Very good festival. It must be great to participate in person.
    I hope one day I can have that experience.

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    We loved working with you Nilton! I hope we can bring you out here soon!