HOSPITALITY as a filmic space

The Mediterranean culture has a long-standing tradition of hospitality that dates back to ancient times. Myths tell us the Gods gifted the trade of reciprocal host and guest, give and take, to bring people together through good intentions on both sides, regardless of social class, race, and religion. In today's world, the importance of hospitality cannot be overstated. A two-way street of generosity and reciprocity creates a ripple effect of sharing, exchange, support and inclusion. In continuing to forge alliances and meaningful connections among people of other places and cultural backgrounds, perhaps this tradition is as relevant as ever today and signposts the importance of our shared need to embrace otherness.

In noticing ideas and the aesthetics of hospitality often as a central role in many films, and in seeing that the everyday nowadays is frequently understood and experienced cinematic-like, this is an OPEN CALL for artists working with film/video/animation/moving image that centres on works exploring ideas of hospitality and the place, the stage, where hospitality takes place.

Submissions must be in MP4 format and no longer than approx.30 minutes.
Email, including Name/s, Date, Title, Duration, Format, Country where it takes place/produced, and a link to your work (Vimeo/youtube/website/other), by 25/08/2023 at midnight. Selected submissions will be included in a curated film screening in the form of open-air cinema that will take place at the Cortile di Chiesa del Carmine in Carlentini from 8 to 10 September 2023.

(Please submit only films that are relevant for this topic. generic submissions that are clearly not aligned with the topic, will be not considered for the selection. Thank you!).

Please be aware that the Xenia Festival, held in Carlentini, Sicily, Italy, is an autonomous festival managed by a group of volunteers. The aim is to provide a space for artists to experiment with various mediums and to enhance and expand with curatorial strategies.