The World Vegan Film Festival Asia was succesfully concluded on 13th &14th, May, 2023 at Jakarta, Indonesia to bring independent films from across the globe and celebrate vegan film making.

This event celebrated original vegan films made across Asia and throughout the globe for Vegan Advocacy, and also served as platform to create synergy between emerging filmmakers and established filmmakers in order to drive the Vegan Movement Forward in a more effective and efficient way.

1. Bring and encourage diverse and local indie Vegan films.
2. Celebrate existing regional filmmakers and films, help them to reach larger audience.
3. Provide platform for emerging filmmakers and a chance to showcase their movie.
4. Create synergy between the Beginners and Expert filmmakers
5. Link Filmmakers and Distributors
6. Encourage Vegan film making relevant to the region and culture.

We are providing awards and certificates to exceptional movies. Few categories are
1. Best Animation Film
2. Best Director
3. Best Film with Social Message
4. Best Full-Length Film
5. Best Screenplay
6. Best Short Film

We value story-telling more than the format or the quality. If you’re a good story-teller, we encourage you to submit your documentary, feature or short film as long as they’re on the following subject matter:

• Veganism
• Animal rights and animal welfare
• Health benefits of Plant-Based Diet
• Environment and Conservation

NOTE: All footage/images and music used must be original or copyright free. The concept of the movie must be original and it should present the regional problems.

Overall Rating
  • Nathan Erasmus

    Great festival, lovely people and well organised. We were thrilled to be part of it and honoured that our animation received the audience award for best animated short.

    May 2023
  • Thank you for being selected.

    May 2023