For 22 years, the WorldMediaFestivals have been honouring media excellence on a truly global scale. Audiovisual, print and online productions from the fields of information, education and entertainment are honoured. Today, the WorldMediaFestivals in Germany’s media metropolis Hamburg are among the most important events in the industry and award winners are among the best in their field. The competitions:

Television & Corporate Media Awards

Tourism & Travel Media Awards


intermedia-globes-Gold and Silver may be awarded in each of the sub-categories As a winner of an intermedia-globe Gold, your entry automatically becomes a nominee for an intermedia-globe Grand Award, best in each of the main festival categories. The Jury for Excellence then may select from those the winner of the intermedia-globe Grand Prix, the best of all festival entries.

The intermedia Special Awards:

Magic Wavesfor best original music
Magic Eyefor best camerawork

Global Awareness
for an entry revealing abuse of our small planet and its creatures through damage to the environment or through actions that impact in a negative way on the social, political or economic health of society.

Hand in Hand
for an entry highlighting actions by a state, government, corporation, organisation or individual resulting in improvements in the lives of individuals or in society as a whole.

The Rules & Regulations for the WorldMediaFestivals | Television & Corporate Media Awards and the WorldMediaFestivals | Tourism & Travel Media Awards are issued in German and in English. In case of doubt the German version will be valid.

1. Festival Entries

All entries must be registered online. For entry submissions you can use the WorldMediaFestivals registration portal. Please create your account and log in to the registration portal. By clicking Enter Festivals you will leave the WorldMediaFestivals / intermedia server and are redirected to a third-party provider. The entry forms will be saved for you for editing. Multiple submissions are possible. The same festival entry can be submitted in different categories. However, it is obligatory

to fill in an individual entry form for each category
to pay the entry fee for each category

2. Rights of Use

By submitting a festival entry the entrant declares, that he is entitled to dispose of all rights to the use of the entry and vouches for these rights vis-a-vis the festival. The entrant warrants that the rights of use held by all authors, owners of ancilliary copyrights and other parties involved in the production of the festival entry, except for the rights safeguarded by the performing rights societies, have been acquired in a due and proper manner and the exploitation of the festival entry is not barred by personality rights or other third party rights in any manner whatsoever.

When submitting a festival entry the entrant transfers rights to the use of the festival entry, specifically the right to present and demonstrate the entry in public and/or online either in whole or in part or to distribute the entry in whole or in part on a “Festival Reel”, or similar. This also applies to stills/images provided to the festival. All aforementioned transfers of use shall be of worldwide validity.

If you do not agree that your entry will be presented / shown during or after the festival event, you can note this in the registration form.
3. Year of Production

All festival entries must have been produced after January 1, 2019.
4. Closing Date

WorldMediaFestival | Television & Corporate Media Awards:
All festival entries must be received by the festival by March 31, 2022

WorldMediaFestival | Tourism & Travel Media Awards:
All festival entries must be received by the festival by March 31, 2022.
5. Length

Maximum 90 minutes.
6. Language Versions

All festival entries can have any language version. Non-English and non-German versions compete in the same categories together with the English and German versions. Entries not produced in English or German language must have either:

subtitles in English or German
voice-over in English or German
written synopsis in English or German (Full scripts are not accepted)
Print: Comprehensive summary in English or German

7. Formats and How to Send

All entries have to be submitted online. Entry forms are saved for you for editing.

Resolution: 1280 x720 (preferred) or 1920×1080

16:9, mp4, optional: .mpg; .mpeg; .mpeg4, .mov
Frame rate: 25 fps
Video Codec: H.264
Audio Codec: AAC

Upload to server via the registration portal.

Not acceptable are:
Additional inserts at beginning/end of medium (i.e. name of entering company, category etc), time code or watermarks.

Online categories

Provide valid URL. All submitted URLs must be active from the time you submit your entry through June 2022. Optional: If submitting a web video (URL) please also upload to server via the registration portal / see format specifications above.

Print categories
Three (3) print copies, Please send to:

WorldMediaFestivals c/o intermedia
An der Horeburg 12 (Schlossinsel)
D-21079 Hamburg / Germany

Please send print entries in one pre-paid package to the festival office. Collect package or any customs duty will not be accepted.

Providing significant stills / images / logos from your entries to be used by the festival for promotional purposes will be appreciated, is however optional.

The entrant is responsible for the technical quality of the media submitted.
8. Fees

The fee for each festival entry per one category is EUR 395. Cancellations of registered entries are not possible.

The personal participation fee is EUR 295 per person. Please check the Schedule of Events. Cancellations of registered participants are not possible.

All fees can only be paid in EUR by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. For Germany the legal VAT will be charged. EU countries must provide their VAT identification number incl. country code so that the VAT can be waived.

Please make sure that all information provided in the online registration form are complete and correct. An additional fee of EUR 50 will be applied per one change requested once the registration form has been submitted.

Fees as well as payments from outside Germany:

Account to account: Preferred method of payment within the EU.

All bank charges to be prepaid by entrant.

Fees for multiple entries are accepted in one amount.

PayPal: 2% per each entry / person for PayPal charges will be added.
Credit Cards

All fees are due immediately upon registration. Entry fees or any other fees are not refundable and are not subject to any legal appeal.

Any customs duty or any handling-fee to be pre-paid by the entrant. Any such fees are not accepted by the festival.
9. Winners Notification

Award-winners will be notified by eMail. The decisions of the jury are not contestable. Decisions of the jury and the festival organization are final and not subject to any legal appeal.

Awards not being collected at our office by prior arrangement will be sent to the entrant. All freight charges have to be taken over by the recipient. This also applies to any duplicate items ordered.
10. Liability of the Festival

The festival reserves the right to reclassify festival entries into other categories where this is deemed appropriate. The festival does not accept any responsibility for festival entries which are classified in the wrong category or arrive at the festival office subsequent to the deadline specified. The festival’s liability is confined to intent or grossly negligent conduct. The festival organisation does not accept any responsibility for the cancellation of the festival due to for example terrorism, terrorism threat, strike action, pandemics, force majeure and/or similar.
11. Miscellaneous

The festival reserves the right to compile entries on a “Festival Reel” or similar, also in processed form, and to distribute same on a medium deemed appropriate by the festival, This also applies to stills/images provided to the festival. The entrants transfer all rights appropriate in this context upon entrance of the festival entry to the festival. The festival reserves the right to use all recordings taken at the festival event for any promotional purpose in any medium deemed appropriate by the festival. The festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.

By entering a festival entry the entrant accepts all Rules and Regulations and also agrees to hold the festival harmless against all costs or claims of third parties arising from any such use by the festival or from false information by the entrant.

The festival will not sell or rent personal data provided by you. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Hamburg, Germany.