Our festival focuses on the eight dimensions of wellness. These include: Emotional, Physical, Environmental, Intellectual, Financial, Social, Spiritual and Occupational. Films that show people being active, combating problematic situations of inspiring others are what we want to showcase.

Eligible entries:
This is a regional competition restricted to applicants with a presence in Wyoming and Montana. To be eligible, the film must meet at least two of the below criteria.
1. Filmmaker resides in Wyoming or Montana
2. Filming takes place in Wyoming or Montana (Describe filming areas that will be observed in the film)
3. Wellness related theme: mental and/or physical health, physical fitness, outside activity or other theme related to the eight dimensions of wellness:

$750 to the winner. The winning film will be selected at the festival event the evening of January 24th, 2015.

Judging Criteria:
Films first be vetted to ensure they adhere to the eligibility requirements above. If eligible, films will be reviewed by our internal film festival committee to choose the final choices to be placed in the live film festival event on January 24th. The committee will use the following criteria:

- Cinematography
- Screenplay / Acting
- Sound Design
- Editing
- Incorporation of wellness themes

The winner will be decided at the live event the evening of January 24th. If unable to attend, the winner will be contacted after the event.

Entry Format Requirements
Due to the large space required to store a film please submit via DVD. Please ensure the video plays using a commonly used computer media player before submitting. Preview DVDs should be coded for Region 0 or 1 and NTSC is preferred. For feature-length films (50 min. or more), submit two DVDs. For short films (under 50 min.) submit one DVD or via online entry.

Terms of Entry
There is no entry fee for the contest.

The undersigned affirms that he/she is either the maker, or the authorized agent of the maker, of the submission titled above. The undersigned understands that his/her signature below indicates that if the submission titled above is selected for the festival, permission is granted to the Woolsey Film Festival to exhibit the work during the festival, on January 24th, 2015. The signature below also indicates the willingness to provide copies of the work as needed and at least three digital stills from the work for PR and/or publication. The undersigned accepts that, as a nonprofit organization, the festival is not held liable for any infringement of copyrights related to music, vintage footage or any other material which the maker or representative/agent may be responsible for. Nor is the festival, its agents or trustees to be held culpable for any damage to materials or financial loss resulting from public exhibition of films, DVDs, etc. DVDs are not returned after the tour.