Woman Up is the brainchild of the Central Queensland University Branch of the National Tertiary Education Union and will tie in annually with our celebration of Blue Stocking week, where we celebrate the greatness of women who have gone before us by giving forum to the voices of talented women filmmakers from around Australia and the globe. This will be our first year for this festival, and we hope that it will grow and become a permanent fixture of Australian film landscape. In its first year, Woman Up, will be screened in 5 physical venues, simultaneously, in Rockhampton, Sydney, Brisbane, Bundaberg and Mackay.

Currently we are offering one open prize of $500 and a student prize of $500. We are running as a not for profit and any revenue generated from ticket sales will be donated to women's shelters in the city of screening. Extra ticket sales above projection will also go to increase prize amounts.

This is a festival for Women Filmmakers. Obviously, this includes Trans Women. We encourage the use of female characters and motifs in your films. If your film involves conversation between female characters, it is also encouraged that men are not the focus of conversations.

While we encourage, we do not prescribe. After all, by definition as female filmmakers you are already exhibiting a woman's view.

Overall Rating
  • An incredible opportunity and such a great theme & cause. Well worth the entry!

    September 2023
  • Great film festival! Thank you for selecting my short film PORFYRI LEMONIA to participate to your Festival! Always keep the Women Up!


    August 2023
  • Ruth Carnegie

    Absolutely thrilled to have my first short film selected for a festival on the other side of the world. So grateful for the opportunity. Australian Cinema has always championed those on the edge of mainstream and it's great to see a festival putting it's weight behind female voices.

    August 2023