Welcome to Wolverhampton film Festival 🎥

The festival aims to champion other storytellers through the form of film. Taking place over the space of 3 days within one of the the city's cultural gems in the Newhampton Art Centre, the focus is to offer a platform that gives all filmmakers a chance to showcase their true potential


Best Film Overall (Wolf Award)
Best Short (under 40 mins)
Best Micro Short (under 2 minutes)
Best Screenplay
Best Music Video
Best Animated Film
Best Male Actor
Best Female Actor
Best Cinematography
Best Costume
Best Editing
Best Hair & Make Up
Best Production Design
Best Colourist
Best Documentary

Please identify if your film qualifies for any of the following awards:

Best Young Film Maker (under 18)
Best Young Male Actor (under 18)
Best Young Female Actor (under 18)
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Student Filmmaker
Best Local Film - Wolverhampton based
Best International Film
Best Original Score
Best Special Effects
Best Sound Design

Films must not have had a commercial release prior to submission.

Short films must be under 40 minutes.

Please visit the official website to find out the criteria and entry process for the awards.

Overall Rating
  • Daniel GLenn-Barbour

    What a great festival, well organised, friendly team of people and the venue was spotless, such a pleasure attending.

    June 2022
  • Mikołaj Nichols

    Great festival. Very welcoming, with a real buzz of up and coming talent. A few areas for improvement.:
    The winners could have stills from film on the presentation during awards.
    Maybe a festival title card for each film would be handy, to standardise the names.
    the festival organiser screened his own shorts films throughout one of the days, which seems to contravene the selection process, and is susceptible to corruption (although they were very good and inspiring, but that is a bit besides the point).
    a Q&A session was abandoned after one of the speakers preferred holding it in the bar. This was disappointing as moving to the bar was just an extended networking session, which was scheduled anyway, so we basically missed out on a Q&A, for which the visiting speaker had a small speech prepared, that we never heard (and I didn't get all that long to speak with the visiting speaker, and wouldve again preferred the formal Q&A setting as scheduled).
    The café didn't serve food, which was a bit inconvenient, having to run into town for food then back again for screenings.
    There was no "best cinematography" category, which seems odd given the other traditional categories, especially as there was a colourist category, which is fairly unusual.
    There was also no "best sound design/mixing" which I found also slightly odd, given its importance in filmmaking.
    Otherwise, all very good. Looking forward to attending next year.

    May 2022
  • It was great festival, well organised and such great people to be around! Thank you again for selecting Mnemosyn: Resolution Service as best colourist!

    May 2022
  • What an amazing festival. It's really hard to believe that this was its first year. The venue, communication and organisation were first class but what really made it was how friendly and welcoming the organisers were. There was a great selection and variety of films screened and lots of opportunities for networking. The Awards event was amazing, professionally hosted and at the same time fun and friendly with the added bonus of a closing party to celebrate a great weekend and dance the night away. It was an honour to be part of the festival with my film 'A Change in Time' and I would definitely recommend other filmmakers to submit next year.

    May 2022
  • Mark Brennan

    Wolverhampton Film Festival was the nicest surprise on the festival run for my film Squall, as for a first year event it got so much so right. A lovely selection of films with many of the filmmakers in attendance, brilliantly staged awards that were warmly hosted, and a fun closing night party - all taking place at one great venue. Excited to see this event grow and in I congratulate the entire team for putting it together.

    May 2022