Wildscreen is a not-for-profit conservation organisation that empowers a global community of storytellers on behalf of the natural world.

The Wildscreen Festival is the world’s most prestigious event in the natural world storytelling industry. Since 1982, we have honoured the most remarkable achievement in the craft of natural world filmmaking through the Wildscreen Panda Awards.

In 2020, we are at a time in our history when stories about the natural world been never been more important - we are the first generation to understand humanity’s impact on nature and the last to be able to protect and restore it. Wildscreen firmly believe in the power of visual storytelling to spark positive and restorative action for our natural world, globally. We need bold, authentic and varied stories that speak to different audiences. Nature depends on it.

The inaugural Wildscreen Official Selection will cement the Wildscreen Festival as a true film festival, a global launch pad where creative innovation is recognised, new voices are discovered, where there is equality in opportunity from which a truly inclusive natural world storytelling genre evolves.

What are we looking for?

Our natural world is beautifully diverse and this strength will be reflected through the voices heard, tools used and stories shared within the Wildscreen Official Selection.
We are looking for original, creative stories that reflect one or more of the following:

- Biodiversity
- Authentic voices
- Optimism and solutions
- Interrelationships between humans and nature
- Next generation of stewards and storytellers
- Innovation in audience or platform
- Impact

Please note that in light of the current COVID-19 situation, we have removed the additional fee for late submission. The Extended Regular Deadline is Friday 1 May 23:59 PT.

* If you're looking to enter the Panda Awards please go to http://filmfreeway.com/WildscreenFestivalPandaAwards

The authorised representative of each Official Selection will receive a laurel, certificate and trophy. Replica trophies and certificates will be available to order for an additional fee after the Festival.

Each Official Selection will be screened as part of the public Festival programme which takes place between the 17 – 25 October 2020.

Wildscreen Festival will also honour the best of the Official Selection via the following prizes:

Programmer Prize: All films entered into the Official Selection are automatically eligible for this prize and will be selected by our Programmers. A cash prize of £2,000 will be awarded.

Audience Prize: This award is voted for by the Wildscreen Festival audiences, recognising the film that receives the highest audience vote during the public programme. A cash of £1,000 will be awarded.

For full rules and terms please go to https://spark.adobe.com/page/6oWjH0EHl9Va4/


The Wildscreen Official Selection (“Official Selection”) screenings are part of the 20th Wildscreen Festival (“Festival”).

The Official Selection is managed and presented by Wildscreen, a charity based at Unit 2.6, Temple Studios, Temple Gate, Bristol BS1 6QA (“Wildscreen”).

Submission of a film Production (“Production”) to the Official Selection is subject to and conditional on the Entrant (defined below) accepting these Rules and Wildscreen does not accept any submission on any other basis whatsoever.

The Official Selection is open to new or established broadcasters, film or television Production companies/distributors and independent filmmakers from anywhere in the world ("Entrants"). All entries for the Official Selection are made subject to these Rules.
To be eligible, a Production ("Production") must:
- have an aspect of the natural world as the central focus
- be completed on or after 1 March 2018
- be submitted by the producer or distributor of the film (or their authorised representative)

Productions entered into the Official Selection do not need to have been broadcast prior to their entry, nor do they need at the date of entry to have a future transmission date, and if screened at the Festival they do not need to be a premiere festival screening. Preference will be given to world, European, UK and Bristol premieres but films may have been screened at any number of festivals or other public theatrical exhibitions anywhere in the world, broadcast or streamed on television or the Internet, and/or released via any home video or other public distribution platform and be eligible for consideration.

Productions in languages other than English are welcome but must be subtitled or dubbed into English. Alternatively, the screener copy must be accompanied by an English script with a time code. If nominated for an award or screening, a copy of the Production must be provided by the Entrant with English dubbing or subtitles.
Sponsorship of Productions may be acknowledged in copies submitted for the Official Selection but submission of copies of Productions incorporating advertising is not permitted.

Productions of all lengths, crew sizes and budgets are accepted in the Official Selection. All of the above factors will be taken into consideration during the preselection and programming process.

Entries are categorised as:
Mid-length & Feature films (30 mins+)
Short films (30 mins or under including credits)

Entries that are emerging technologies or platforms such as VR, AR etc, should be entered via the short film category.

To ensure the Official Selection is as inclusive as possible the previewing and programming teams will take budget and country of Production into consideration.
We welcome multiple submissions. Each submission will require a separate entry and submission fee submitted via FilmFreeway.


Fees must be paid for the current deadline window at the time of submission via the FilmFreeway platform. Fees are charged in GBP British Pound and can be paid by credit/debit card or PayPal.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

Entry fees are only waived for entrants residing in a least economically developed country as defined by the UN. For the current list of eligible countries see:


All Official Selection submissions will be accepted via FilmFreeway. Entrants are able to submit via FilmFreeway Wildscreen Festival Official Selection. For information on how to use the platform please visit the FilmFreeway FAQs.

All submissions must be accompanied by the required enclosures as follows:
- completed online submission form, including Production details, synopsis and credits and current contact details of Entrant
- a screener copy of the Production
- payment of fees for submission of the Production for the Official Selection ("Fees")

Submission materials will not be returned. Wildscreen reserves the right to reject submissions that are incomplete.

Production partners: All partners involved in a Production must be credited in the submission form and it is the responsibility of the Entrant to notify all their Production partners of the submission. Wildscreen will assume in relation to each entry that all Production partners have agreed to the submission of the Production for the Official Selection. In the event that a number of different parties submit a single Production for the Official Selection, Wildscreen will notify all such parties that they must jointly determine the identity of a single authorised representative to act as Entrant for that Production.

Submission format: In order to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint and enable a smoother print traffic service, Wildscreen uses a digital film delivery platform and films must be submitted via online screener only.
Entry deadline: The official entry deadline for all submissions is 23:59 GMT on 1 May 2020. Late submissions are at the discretion of Wildscreen and additional fees will be incurred.

Selected Productions: Additional materials will be required for selected Productions. Wildscreen require a DCP of each Production to be screened at the Festival, promotional stills, a time-coded English script. Wildscreen are able to advise on DCP creation services.


Wildscreen Official Selection is a curated programme. Every entry will be viewed by the Wildscreen Festival previewing committee. Qualifying entries will then be forwarded to a preselection team, comprised of international industry professionals.
To be a member of the preselection team, participants will apply online via a form and will be asked to submit their CV, reasoning for wanting to participate and declare any conflicts of interest. Wildscreen will review preselection team applications and, if selected, they will be allocated content depending on their expertise, and time they have available to participate.

Each Production will be viewed by a minimum of 3 preselection team members, who will each score the Productions from one to ten.
The highest scoring films will then be considered by the Wildscreen Festival Programming teams.

These individuals, appointed by Wildscreen in partnership with the Festival Advisory Board and Wildscreen Board, will curate the Wildscreen Official Selection screening programme. This will include a youth programming team.
Please note that our preselection team and programmers live or work internationally and therefore the submitter screener may not register as being viewed in the UK. The primary contact listed in your submission form will be contacted about the status of your entry by the end of July 2020.

Due to the quantity of applications received, we are unable to offer individual feedback if your application is unsuccessful.


Festival Screening
The Official Selection will be screened at least once at a cinema in Bristol from the 17-25 October 2019 as part of the public screening programme. Scheduling of the public screenings is entirely at the discretion of the Festival. There will be an opportunity to take part in a Q&A following the screening.
In the case of a cancelled screening due to technical or venue issues we cannot guarantee a replacement screening.

Festival Screening: Entrants who have submitted Productions which have been nominated for an award will be asked to provide high quality screening copies (to be retained in Wildscreen’s archive) for viewing by the Programmers and screening during the Festival. Wildscreen can support a variety of screening formats and each nominee or selected Entrant will be contacted to discuss specific formats for such purposes.
All Official Selection Productions will need to provide a DCP copy of the Production for screening during the Festival. No Production which has been programmed for Official Selection may be withdrawn by an Entrant after publication of the Festival programme.
The scheduling and timetabling of screenings is entirely at the discretion of the Wildscreen team.

Promotions: Wildscreen will seek to promote the Festival and Official Selection by featuring extracts from submissions on radio, television and any other form of audio-visual media including, but not limited to, the World Wide Web and digital media. Wildscreen will be entitled to use extracts from all submitted Productions for such promotions at no cost provided such extracts do not exceed 2 minutes of featured music or 3 minutes duration in total (in respect of any individual Production).

Images: Entrants warrant that Wildscreen is entitled to use of all images they provide for Wildscreen for promotional publicity throughout the world in all media without the requirement to credit such Production or any other person or make any payment in respect of such usage.

Editing: Wildscreen reserves the right to edit the information supplied by Entrants for use in publicity materials and online promotional materials.

Publicity: Wildscreen may contact Entrants whose submissions are selected as part of the Official Selection or have won Prizes to seek their assistance in the promotion of the Festival and publicity in regard to their Production.

Film library: All submissions will be retained permanently by Wildscreen for educational and archival purposes. Wildscreen is entitled to make Productions available for viewing by Festival delegates in an online film library (pre-, during and post-Festival for up to a three month period following the last day of the Festival) and for closed circuit playback of Productions, in whole or in part, to delegates, journalists, members of the public and others, invited to participate in the Festival. Wildscreen does not pay screening fees to Entrants.

Non-Festival screenings: Wildscreen is entitled to screen Productions to the public at not-for-profit events during, after and outside of the Festival for an unlimited time. These screenings will be used to further Wildscreen's charitable objective to ‘inspire the wider public to experience, feel part of and protect the natural world’. An audience admission fee may be levied for such screenings to cover venue charges or administration and Entrants acknowledge that they are not entitled to any payment in respect thereof.


In submitting a Production to the Official Selection each Entrant is deemed to have:
- obtained all necessary clearances in respect of their Production relating to all materials, music, performances, scripts and underlying works embodied in such Production and to give Wildscreen a warrant to that effect.
- all the necessary authority to make such submission in accordance with these Rules.

In the event of any dispute concerning credits or copyright in respect of a Production Wildscreen reserves the right to reject the submission in respect of such Production or withhold Official Selection or prize in respect of such Production until the dispute is resolved.

Each Entrant is deemed to indemnify and hold harmless Wildscreen, its selection team, programmers, sponsors and partners, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities, and expenses (including legal expenses), arising from Wildscreen's possession and use in accordance with these Rules of their submission to Wildscreen in connection with the Official Selection (including without limitation Productions, photographs, information and other materials).

Each Entrant acknowledges that circumstances may arise which are beyond the reasonable control of Wildscreen in which Wildscreen has to cancel the Festival and the Official Selection and in such event no refunds of Fees will be payable.
Wildscreen's liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence is not limited but any other liability of Wildscreen related to any submission (whether for breach of contract, or tort (including negligence) or breach of statutory duty or otherwise howsoever arising) is limited to the amount of the Fees paid by the Entrant in respect of such submission.

In the event of any queries please contact:

Unit 2.6
Temple Studios
Temple Gate


Overall Rating
  • Michiel Thomas

    Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team. Wish I could've attended in person, but the virtual experience was still amazing!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Michiel! We are so happy that you had a fantastic experience at the first ever virtual edition of Wildscreen Festival!