Wildlife Vaasa International Nature film festival is located on the West Coast of Finland, and it was held in the city of Vaasa every second year, since 2002. Since its conception, it has grown in stature receiving commendation from participants, delegates, media and the public world-wide. The upcoming 8th biennial edition of the festival will be organized from 28th September to 2nd October 2016 and it will host the 8th international nature film competition. The competition aims to raise public awareness , as well as to participate in a global dialogue about Nature and The Environment. Therefore, only Nature and Science documentaries related to Nature and produced after 2013 are accepted in the competition. The festival’s special themes in 2016 are ENERGY & GLOBAL WARMING. Wildlife Vaasa Festival the only film festival of its kind in Scandinavia.

Awards & Prizes

Trophies and Diplomas international media promotion, festival distribution, acquisition.

Rules & Terms


Who can enter?
Film companies, TV companies, production companies, independent producers, filmmakers, festivals, TV- broadcasters and journalists, newcomers and established professionals are all welcome to participate in Wildlife Vaasa 2016 festival.

Entry fees?
No entry fees or delegate fees are required for Wildlife Vaasa festival.

Which Programmes Qualify?
Entries produced after January 2013 may qualify in the competition: These productions must include a nature theme in their content. Interaction between human and nature, natural science related films are also welcome to participate.

Entries must have been produced, co-produced or commissioned by the submitting organisation.

Although, all languages are accepted at Wildlife Vaasa Festival, however, non-English productions must either be subtitled or narrated in English. Films nominated as finalists must be subtitled or provided with an English language version (subtitles or English narration) with an exception to Finnish and Nordic productions who can be submitted in Finnish or Swedish (competing in their own category 3)

A production synopsis for each program submitted is required (100 words maximum). The festival organisers reserve the right to edit these synopses.

Award Category
Participants may like to indicate the award category for which he/she would like the programme to be considered. However, it is up to the festival Juries to decide for which award category the entry might qualify.

Format - Film/Video
Each entry must be accompanied with a preview copy of the film which can be sent (file transfer) in HD file-format (.mov, .avi ..etc.) or by post in DVD-R (PAL) format. Preview material is non-returnable. Finalists and Special award nominees will be required to submit one more DVD- show copy or a BluRay Disc of their qualified program for screening purposes.

While sponsorship may be acknowledged, deliberate advertising is not permitted.

The award-winner
If a production company wins an award it is up to the company to determine who will be the recipient.

Copyright issues
Submitting to Wildlife Vaasa 2016 you are simultaneously agreed to:

PERMIT entries to be shown in our venues in conjunction with the festival, without any charge to the festival organizers.

PERMIT the closed circuit playback of entries for delegates, potential buyers, journalists, experts or other persons welcomed by the festival; All entries shall be available for free viewing at the festival’s video library.

PERMIT the festival to keep a DVD copy of each programme for archive and educational non-profit purposes at Terranova Nature Centre and for screenings at schools during the school-screening periods.

PERMIT the festival to include the data of the program into its Nature Film Database

Please inform the festival if you permit the use of a max. 3 min excerpt of the qualified programs for promotion through social media (Facebook, Youtube) and potential TV -broadcasting purposes during the festival days.

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Jukka Seppälä

    A Great Festifal, Great Films - Thank You!

    March 2017
  • false
    Vishal Jadhav

    I Did not attend the festival, their communication was nice

    November 2016
  • false
    Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

    Your film festival was an exceptionally positive experience for a film maker with a unique possibility for networking with colleagues from all over the world. In addition, the social programme was of great quality. It is remarkable that audience can see films free and you have lots of activities at schools as well. With some more marketing efforts e.g. using social media, I am sure you could draw the attention of both the international visitors and wider numbers of Finnish visitors.

    October 2016
  • false
    Kamen Sway

    The festival organizers were very communicative and accomodating.

    October 2016
  • false
    Herman Marynissen

    It was a well organised festival, with a fine eye for detail.
    Great staff and crew.

    October 2016