The Wildlife Only Film Festival is the world's only film festival exclusively dedicated to celebrating film productions about wildlife.

This festival gives a voice to those that really don't have one. So no humans allowed on the screen, that take away the limelight from the magnificent wild animals on earth.

This unique event solely showcases the best and most captivating films and documentaries, with the most intriguing storytelling and topics that illuminate the beauty, diversity, and untamed wonders of our planet's wildlife.

The Award Categories are therefore exclusively dedicated to the celebration of each wildlife group separately giving them a platform to the world.

Witness the remarkable stories and the power of wildlife and gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of wildlife in nature at the Wildlife Only Film Festival.

Best of the Best Wildlife Film
Best Amphibian Film
Best Bird Film
Best Invertebrate Film
Best Mammal Film
Best Reptile Film
Best Underwater Wildlife Film
Best Wildlife Sequence in a film

1. All films must highlight a wildlife species films and contain no more than 10 percent onscreen time of humans.
2. There is no length restriction.
3. Film productions must have been completed after 2015, 1 January.
4. All the submitted films must contain English subtitles.
5. The festival reserves the right to screen the selected films during the event (terms and conditions apply)
6. For the category "Best Wildlife Sequence in a film", please submit a cut-out of the selected sequence and do not submit the whole film.
7. Each category winner will be also competing for "Best of the Best Wildlife Film" Award

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