The Wild West Film Festival is a place where we celebrate all things western. We will tell the tales of the legendary men and women that embodied "true grit". The true grit that inspired tribute stories which tamed these unruly times and became a testament of "how the west was won". If you love wild mustangs, agriculture and the harvest, 1800's history tributes, Pony Express, Lone Ranger, Tonto, Buffalo Soldiers, Joaquin Murrietta "The Robin Hood of the West", California Gold Rush, 49ers, El Dorado, rodeos, 4-H, Future Farmers Of America, livestock, cowboy faith, cowboy poetry, cowboy art, railroads, trail endurance, barrel racers, county fairs, cutting & reining, westerns past or present cowboy inspired stories this is a home for your film, documentary, commercial, music video, animated, and experimental projects. Join us on September 7, 2019 at the one of a kind Theater Deville in Northern California, Vacavillle, Ca not far from 49er Gold Rush country to compete for cash and awards. Special Guest Star appearances. Inspired tribute personalities of John Wayne, Doc Holidays, Wyatt Earp, Lone Ranger, Buffalo Soldiers, a few Legends and Liars and more. Wild West Experts, Authors, Actors from Tombstone. Cowboy Poetry by Horseband Roy. Television "American Idol" singing show alumni contestants singing and loads of spaghetti western food to go around. It is Indian Summer so dust off your favorite hat, boots, and jeans and come enjoy yourself! Live shoot out and Cowboy Poetry and more..this is Cowtown so let us know if you need special parking for your horse. We are also 15 minutes to Wine Country and have several local airports minutes away that can have you here there and everywhere. Only an hour to San Francisco or 30 minutes to Sacramento.

Awards to be given out to each category for Best Film in each category.

1. All films being submitted MUST reflect or be inspired by the the American Wild West, all things Western past and present, Agriculture or the American farmer.

2. All films submitted must be in the English language.

3. Each filmmaker may submit one film per contest category.

4. When submitting a film to the festival, the filmmaker agrees that the film may be used by Wild West Film Festival in whole or in part for festival promotional purposes only.

5. All films submitted must be set to "public view" with the passcode off. Failure to do this may result in the films disqualification and will result in forfeiture of the submission fee.

6. The filmmaker will hold all legal responsibility for all copyrighted material used in their film such as music, story elements, branding etc.

7. This is a family event, so please keep the violence and profanity to a minimum. Absolutely NO NUDITY is allowed.