The Wild West Film Festival is a celebration of the American Wild West. It is a celebration honoring all of the amazing people throughout history and culture who played a major role such as the American "True Grit" Cowboy, Cowgirl, The Pioneer Women, The Buffalo Soldiers, The Native Americans, Law Enforcement and so many more. The Wild West Film Festival is celebrating this rich history and western way of life through art, music, food, historical demonstrations and ultimately through film.

If you have an amazing film that reflects any part of the American Wild West both past or present, we encourage you to submit your film today. Now let's get riding!

Awards for best western film in each film category.

1. All films being submitted MUST reflect or be inspired by the the American Wild West past or present, Agriculture or the American farmer.

2. All Films submitted must be uploaded or linked to FilmFreeway. Mailed files will not be accepted…NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. All films submitted must be in the English language.

4. Each filmmaker may only submit one film for each contest category.

5. When submitting a film to the festival, the filmmaker agrees that the film may be used by Wild West Film Festival in whole or in part for festival promotional purposes only.

6. The filmmaker will hold all legal responsibility for all copyrighted material used in their film such as music, story elements, branding etc.

7. Make sure your film has good audio quality. This includes audible dialog and little to no wind noise. Failure to have good audio quality may result in a poor judging score.

8. This is a family event, so please keep the violence and profanity to a minimum. NO EXCESSIVE LANGUAGE, NO EXCESSIVE or EXPLICIT VIOLENCE and absolutely NO NUDITY is allowed. Violations of these rules can lead to film disqualification. We have a mature content category for any film containing explicit langue or violence. This category will be screened offsite by our panel of judges and will not be shown at the day of festival but the winner will be presented with their award live at the festival award ceremony. The filmmaker submitting their film agree’s that The Wild West Film Festival holds sole discretion on what they deem to be accessible violence and/or language. Please email us with any questions about this rule.

9. Due to the time constraints of a busy festival, the documentary and full length feature category may be screened by our panel of judges offsite and may not be played at the festival. However, the award will be presented live at the festival.

10. You agree to give permission to the Wilde West Film Festival to post all finalist films on the festival website.

11. The Filmmaker is responsible for the quality and editing of their film. The Wild West Film Festival in no way edits or makes any alterations to submitted films in any way. Make sure the file you send is the file you want played. We are not responsible for any incorrect files play.

12. The Wild West Film Festival has the right to reject any films submitted for violation of any rules listed.

13. Have fun. The Wild West Film Festival is about enjoying the American Wild West through art, food, music and film.

14. Any badgering of the Judges or Committee will immediately disqualify your film.

15. Because the festival is always evolving, there will be no prior notice given on scheduling.

16. This is a film competition. Payment fee is for entering the competition only and does not entitle the submitters film to place or be screened at the festival. Not placing or not being screened at the festival does not entitle the submitter to a refund. Again, this is a competition...THER ARE NO REFUNDS!

Overall Rating
  • Ryan Hepkema

    Very impressive for a first-year festival. They had a lot of support!

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    We all had such a great time! It is our goal to exceed your expectations at the Wild West Film Festival 2020. Hope to see you there!!

  • Joey Amanda Katches

    An amazing film festival! The staff was incredibly helpful with fast, clear communication. The schedule was clear and allowed participation in all the events. They brought in celebrity judges to judge each of the film and music video categories. It's 100% worth the entry and I'll be aiming to participate in it next year! Thank you Wild West Film Festival!!!

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Wowowo! This is great feedback as it was our first! Thank You for your participation. We look forward to seeing you at the Wild West Film Festival 2020.