What If? Women in Festival
Documentaries about women, made by women.
(the film is either or both directed and produced by a women)

This festival celebrates women, their inner strength, courage, determination and resilience. Women have their own unique way to tell stories and What If? Women in Film Festival provides a platform and a world stage for them to rise up and to express their voices.

We are calling for Documentaries "About women made by women" to be submitted to the festival.

Enter your chance to be featured at the 3rd edition of “What If? Women in Film Festival”, taking place in November at Zürich Corso.

Please make sure that you own the right to submit the film, or state otherwise. You may want to contact us directly, should you have any questions and we will be glad to provide all the assistance you require. Our direct contact is info@womeninfilmfest.com

We have extended the deadline to the 15th August.

Please check below the few guidelines and good luck!

We cannot wait to hear from you. Our best wished from Zürich <3

Requisites and Guidelines:

The festival shall not be made accountable for submissions that have not been made by those not owning the intellectual property rights.

This is an hybrid festival and therefore all submissions must take in consideration that some of the selected films will be streamed online to a restricted number of viewers.

Films have to :
be non-fiction documentaries.
be about women protagonists and directed or produced by a woman.
not be available in Switzerland for free or on demand.
have an impactful, inspirational and empowering dimension.
ownership of copyrights proof must be submitted together with the film.
only those who own copyright of the film can submit the film to the festival. (including soundtrack)

Technical spec.
All Files need to be in DCP, ready for screening, if not, please let us know.
We require .srt file in English, regardless of the original language.
Those criterias might give an advantage for the selection process.
All selected films shall provide the Festival with a poster and a short teaser.

By submitting you are:
authorizing the Festival to use these assets which may be promotional material for the festival.
ensuring that you are not violating any intellectual property rights of any third party.
allowing the festival to include your film as part of the online lineup.

Overall Rating
  • Diana Maria Olsson

    I am beyond impressed with the "What If? Women In Film Festival". Home for quality and the expansion of women's movies possibilities. An impeccably curated and organized event with a beautiful sense of community and heart. Many thanks to the excellent Charlotte Soumeire, who is an outstanding organizer! And thanks for selecting my documentary "First Class Citizen" to be part of this meaningful Festival.

    November 2022
  • Line van den Berg

    Such an important festival with a very heartwarming organization and community. Thank you for having me!

    November 2022
  • “What if? Women In Film Festival is a wonderful very boutique festival with a mission - for women around the world to be bold, determined and resilient; to stand up for their rights and not be afraid to express themselves.
    Its co-creator - Charlotte Soumeire, Singer is as inspiring as the stories I have watched over the past 3 days. Stories of women told by voices around the world. The selection was so good that at the end of the first day I asked myself “How did I get here, what am I doing here?” A very silly question because the very next film I was reminded that when we tell a story we are giving voice - to someone, to something and that is very, very, very important. The point is not that you’ve been given an award, but that what you had to say has been heard and seen by another, and another, and another...
    I’ve met women who believe very strongly that this is how they can change the environment. The last shot of the last film of the festival program: a black screen with the caption - “Be my voice!”
    Thank you, “What if? Women in Film Festival” for the amazing time in Zürich!

    November 2022
  • Judy Herbstein

    It was a true honor to have "Paddling for Life" as an official selection of this very significant film festival. Although I could not attend the festival I followed the line up of very impressive films made by women about women. The communications were excellent and heartwarming. This is a festival I will follow and for sure will submit my future films to. Thanks so much Charlie and team.

    November 2022
  • Tess Murphy

    Thank you for including my film in this wonderful festival! It was a pleasure to attend and watch other stories of female strength, identity, and exploration. I encourage others to attend and submit.

    November 2022