Season 16!! The West Field Screenwriting Awards were created for the simple purpose of awarding writers for the merit of their work. To do this, WFSA enlisted the help of industry insiders, multi-award winning directors, producers, professional writers, and actors to read and select the very best.

Your screenplay will be read by these film professionals, who will evaluate the script based on an 8 point grading system, complete with checks and balances, the entire team will find the script that they see fit to be awarded "The Birch"

Its easy to get lost in the world of screenwriting, so thats why WFSA was started. Being selected for a WFSA is a mark of talent, but also a hand through the door. There is no denying that pitching an award winning screenplay is much easier than pitching one that has no track record.

The Birch Award
Each category is a competition with the winner of each receiving the coveted "Birch Award" a hand crafted award made from responsively harvested birch wood.

This is a screenplay competition and will be judged on the quality of storytelling and creative merit of the work.

Original Screenplays:
Go for it!

Adapted Screenplays:
Go for it too!
Source material must be credited or acknowledged. If the work is not in the public domain, the documented rights from the source material creator or holding estate should be available to be provided on request from the festival.

Final Rule & Term: