Weird Folk is focused on short form animation and experimental film made by queer artists. In the spirit of underground cinema, we embrace imperfection, amateur methods, low-budget, irreverence, and whole lot of gayness.

Show us what you got. Between 1 second and (around) 7 minutes. Did you animate it on a drug fueled bender? Or did it take years to make? We allow (we love) animated nudity, explicit content, bad language, and things not appropriate for kids.

Our goal is to share LGBTQ+ artists and the work they're creating, as well as promote non-commercial independent animation and grow the animation community.

All submission fees go toward venue rental, event materials, and maintaining the website.

- Audience Award for Best Film
- Juries Award for Best Film
- Student Best Film

- Submissions open from January 20th - April 1st, 2023.

- All films must be roughly 7 minutes or less. Films over this amount of time are ineligible and should not be submitted.

- All films must be animated or include animation or experimental methods. Animation may include 2D, 3D, or video with compositingFilms without animation are ineligible.

- All films should be created by an LGBTQ+ artist and/or contain queer themes.

- If you are sharing through Vimeo, please make sure your film is downloadable.

- If you are a student please submit to the student category so you are eligible for Best Student Film Award.

- It is encouraged for filmmakers to include an artist bio and social media link.