Seeking horror, fantasy, sci-fi or otherwise Weird films from around the world!

WeirdFilm began three years ago in a working winery, selling out twice a year to lovers of Strange Cinema, and has expanded to Piano Fight, San Francisco’s well-known theater with bar and restaurant.

Rules & Terms

Any date of completion is OK; publicly on the Internet is OK.
15 minutes maximum (under 10 minutes has a better chance)
No extreme gore/profanity/gratuitous graphic sex. This doesn't mean no blood or grimness!
Provide online screener, genre, short synopsis, & English subtitles if dialog is not in English.
We screen digital files (MOV, MP4, etc.)
You must own rights to music & any stock media in your film.
Feedback: none by default, but may be offered spontaneously.
Past submissions are kept for consideration (you need not submit twice).