Our film festival is something completely different. If you are frustrated with film festivals. IF YOU feel as though you spend EMBARRASSING amounts of money and time sharing your content, IF YOU feel as though you put so much work into crappy festivals and get nothing out of it other than other filmmakers in the same boat and an hour of terrible films, IF YOU have been accepted to many film festivals and never gotten a single introduction to distributor THEN KEEP READING BECAUSE OUR FESTIVAL IS FOR YOU.

What is it you need to become a great filmmaker? Nothing other than vision. What do you need to make get your films seen? An audience. Like It Film Fest offers the potential for that to every person that enters our festival.

We are a team of massively popular creators with 400,000 Followers on the web dedicated to getting actual eyes on your project. Podcasts, Short Films, Animations, Documentaries and every art forms in between. Our channels have gotten fame and attention and our goal is to share some of that fame with you and your films.

We are the world's largest film festival. The chance to get 400,000 eyes on your film is unheard of in any other festival. If you have tried to enter art contests in the past like film festivals or podcast awards you know the frustration of entering into too many to count, only to show up and have no distributors invited to see your film, and no one encouraging opportunity to collaborate or get the word out on your art.

FORGET THAT! We want to talk about your work, we want to work with you, we want to show you platforms, resources, tools, and other people that WANT to help your art, film, podcast or whatever. NOT TO MENTION the massive amount of exposure your film will get from this experience, exposure that brands pay massive amounts to get and you will get by the merit of your art.

Here's how it works. Submit your film, podcast, or other media art on FilmFreeway. Once the submissions are closed we'll be having a conversation about the best and brightest works. The most interesting portions of those conversations then get sent to every corner of the web to our instagrams, snapchats, tik toks, facebooks, rizzles, and youtubes to let people know who you are, what you do, and why they should watch your films.

Useable quotes from our mega popualr founders for your press kits.

This festival requires communicating with our team AND PARTICIPATION. If chosen you will have to exchange emails, schedule calls and/or video calls. Non-responsive filmmakers will be disqualified.

As always PLEASE if you have a piece of art that does not seem to fit into our festival, reach out to us. Do not hesitate, we want to bring opportunities for exposure so we can think of ways to include you.

Make our film festival in the know by telling us about stuff we haven't seen.

TO BE EXTRA CLEAR: Like It Film Fest ALWAYS has an in person event. Any participants and winners during season affected by COVID like the current one will be invited to our live event once the risk of gathering has gone away. Covid does not affect the above opportunities so we are the perfect festival: Guaranteed benefits during social distancing and an invite for all winners to a great event when things are safe again.

Overall Rating
  • Julia Warren

    Awesome team behind this festival - great at helping filmmakers, podcasters get seen and heard! Thank you so much, team!

    November 2021
  • James Atkins

    great communication from the festival and delighted to have been selected.

    November 2021
  • Un festival de cine que nos lleva mas all√° en redes sociales para promover nuestros proyecto cinematogr√°ficos en vertical, gracias .

    November 2021
  • Great festival!

    Thrilled to be a finalist with my song "Queen of Spades"

    November 2021
  • nimal vv

    Hi team, I am very much excited and happy to got selected Dundumon as a finalist. Thank you so much .

    November 2021