The first annual Wayside Film Festival corresponds with the 140th annual El Dorado Springs Picnic. A three night event in late July, the Picnic hosts 25,000 people from around the area, offering a large potential audience for filmmakers.

The Wayside Film festival is open to any independent film makers interested in submitting their work. Our goal as a local arts council is to encourage an appreciation for the arts and offer opportunities for artists to contribute in that venture.

In addition to films, there will be live music, food trucks, vendors, and a carnival. Our venue is at the center of it all. Films will be shown in blocks throughout the night to allow festivalgoers to enjoy everything the Picnic has to offer.

Best Picture - $500
First Runner Up
Second Runner Up
Audience Choice

Prize winners must be in attendance to receive any money, trophies, etc., but winners will not change based on attendance.

Films will be selected for showing by a panel of judges based on a shared rubric. Scoring will focus on writing, editing, acting, cinematography, sound, and directing.

We will consider any submission, regardless of length, though preference for the inaugural festival is on films less than thirty minutes long.

Credits must be included for consideration.

Films must have been finished on or after January 1st, 2019.

Overall Rating
  • Maria Filippone

    Happy to be an Official Selection. Great communication with staff. Hope to be here again in the coming years. M

    July 2021