The Walla Walla Movie Crush showcases America's most intoxicating blend of short cinema, from vintage filmmakers as well as fresh upstarts. We promise a flight for every fancy.


* Every submission is personally reviewed by our Artistic Director, Warren Etheredge, who has twenty years of experience on the festival circuit, the founder or co-founder of three, and programmer for many others. Warren watches over 2,000 shorts every year. Your work will be judged by the individual making the final decisions.

* Selected shorts represent the very best of current American movie-making. If your work is programmed, you know it is amongst the best of the best.

* Your selected short will be thematically programmed, packaged with other fantastic movies exploring similar content/themes. Any hour-tour long grouping will like include short narratives, doc, animation, music videos, etc. In total, these curated collections prove the whole is greater than the sum of its shorts.

* Selected finalists for top prizes — Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Animated Short, Best Short Screenplay and Best Performance — will be determined by all-star juries of Oscar-winners, nominees and revered moviemakers. Past years' jurors are responsible for such movies and television series such as: CAPTAIN MARVEL, WINTER’S BONE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — FALLOUT, ALIEN, OCEAN’S 11, SCREAM, LOGAN, ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT, BRING IT ON, GLOW, PARKS & RECREATION, IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, EDITH+EDDIE, LEAVE NO TRACE, OZARK and many more.

* Selected shorts are screened at the historic, 300-seat Gesa Power House Theatre, a handsomely appointed venue with top-notch projection and sound systems.

* Should you attend, the Crush staff will treat you like royalty and family. Our goal is to celebrate every moviemaker’s talents and welcome them into the fold.

* Attending moviemakers are treated to daily, gratis Happy Hours, nightly parties and an invite-only Sunday brunch. The Electric Lounge (aka The Crush Green Room) is open all day for you to eat, drink and be cozy. These events and this pace also provide near ‘round the clock opportunities to network with fellow artists and industry guests.

* The Crush audience is committed, passionate and vocal. They will sit rapt with attention and express their affection for your work.

* A committed group of attendees we call “The Iron Ass Jury” selects an annual Audience Award winner. What separates this audience award from others is that is the only one that is determined by a jury comprised of viewers who have sat through every single screening, thus elevating the prize from popularity contest to true, absolute meritocracy.

* Walla Walla is the Napa Valley of Washington State — a lush and lovely wine region — noted for its beauty and bounty of dining and drinking options. Downtown Walla Walla is abuzz with activity and the scenic surroundings provide countless options for exploration and adventure. In fact, for early-arriving moviemakers, we will guide a Saturday morning hike that shows off the city and allows you to network in nature.

For more information, please visit and subscribe — for FREE! — to *Crushworthy*, the official, mostly monthly e-newsletter of the Walla Walla Movie Crush.

Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Animated Short
Best Performance
Best Screenplay
Best Score
Best Music Video
Alex Sichel Memorial Award
Beast of The Crush
Curator's Choice Award

* submissions may be no longer than thirty minutes
* submissions must have been shot in the United States OR feature someone above-the-line who is a citizen of the United States OR have been created by a student attending a school in the United States OR feature American content
* submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2023

Overall Rating
  • Joshua Harding

    This festival is delightful. The Movie Crush experience was meticulously crafted, leaving no detail overlooked, resulting in an extraordinary event.

    Warren and Nancy, the phenomenal hosts, welcomed us with open arms, and the audience's enthusiasm at every screening added to the vibrant atmosphere.

    The attending filmmakers were truly remarkable, adding to the overall greatness of the event. Moreover, Walla Walla provided numerous opportunities to indulge in great food, amazing wine tastings, and great social interactions.

    I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to seize the chance to apply and attend if possible - an experience you will undoubtedly cherish!

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Josh. I am so glad you and Marta were able to join us. CHASIN' BUTTERFLIES was an obvious highlight of The Crush and getting to know the two of you (plus Matt and KK) was one of the unexpected joys. I strongly believe there is a correlation between the heart of a short film and the hearts of its creators and your loving doc makes my case for me. Please make more, but know you are always welcome to return with or without a short. You are #CrushFam4Eva.

  • Having lived in Texas my whole life I would have never heard of Walla Walla, WA if not for my friend telling me about the Movie Crush. I only submitted my short to a handful of festivals, and this was the only one that wasn't within driving distance, but I'm happy to say the festival was well worth the trip! Warren and the Crush team went above and beyond to make sure my girlfriend and I had a great experience during the festival. They even helped us with transportation in and out of Walla Walla. The films we saw during the fest were eclectic and engaging, overall the programming was wonderful. The Gesa Powerhouse Theater was a unique and awesome venue. I was happy with the projection quality and it was great getting to hang out in the Electric Lounge upstairs. All of the filmmakers we met over the course of the weekend were cool and kind people and the Movie Crush made networking easy. All and all, we loved being a small part of this year's Movie Crush and can't thank Warren and the team enough for making us feel welcome. Excited to be in the Crush Fam and hope to return to the Movie Crush soon!

    July 2023
    Response from festival:

    So glad you — AND Lindsay! — took a chance and made the trip. THE ART OF TENNIS was one of this year's most delightful surprises and I trust you felt the love from the audience as well, Marshall. You are definitely part of our #CrushFam4Eva and we are eager to see you return next summer. Ideally, with another, genre-busting, rib-tickling short. Next time, maybe we can get you on the wine tour, too!

  • Steven Vander Meer

    After reading the reviews for this festival, all of them glowing, I can only add that in my experience, they all ring true. Also like to point out that nearly all of the reviews have a personal response from the festival (Warren I assume) and who else does that?

    July 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Steven. (Yes, that would be me aka Warren and I am now double-checking to see if I missed someone's review.) What makes the Crush experience different in my mind, is the connection between moviemakers and movie-lovers, exemplified not only by you participating in the Q&A after screening NOTICE OF REJECTION but also bringing your index card "frames" to show the curious your artful, old-school flip book approach to animation. I do hope you and Carol will return. Maybe you'll animate a film with your new(?) pyrographic skills?!?

  • Alex Rollins Berg

    This festival is an absolute gem. Every detail of the Movie Crush experience was thoughtful and exceptional. Warren and Nancy are phenomenal hosts, the audiences were plentiful and enthusiastic at every screening, the filmmakers that attend are terrific and there were so many opportunities to eat, drink and socialize. I highly encourage everyone to apply and attend if possible - you will not regret it!

    July 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Alex. We were honored to host you *and* Renrick Palmer. Just wish we had more than three days to properly celebrate you and HOLD UP, a brilliant short with a troubled heart and so much to say.

  • Steve Collins

    A gem of a festival. Go if you can

    July 2023
    Response from festival:

    You are a gem, Steve Collins. So thrilled for you to see The Crush in person and honored to induct you into The Short Order.