The Walla Walla Movie Crush showcases America's most intoxicating blend of short cinema, from vintage filmmakers as well as fresh upstarts. We promise a flight for every fancy.


* Every submission is personally reviewed by our Artistic Director, Warren Etheredge, who has twenty years of experience on the festival circuit, the founder or co-founder of three, and programmer for many others. Warren watches over 1,900 shorts every year. Your work will be judged by the individual making the final decisions.

* Selected shorts represent the very best of current American movie-making. If your work is programmed, you know it is amongst the best of the best.

* Your selected short will be thematically programmed, packaged with other fantastic movies exploring similar content/themes. Any hour-tour long grouping will like include short narratives, doc, animation, music videos, etc. In total, these curated collections prove the whole is greater than the sum of its shorts.

* Selected finalists for top prizes — Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Animated Short, Best Short Screenplay and Best Performance — will be determined by all-star juries of Oscar-winners, nominees and revered moviemakers. Past years' jurors are responsible for such movies and television series such as: CAPTAIN MARVEL, WINTER’S BONE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — FALLOUT, ALIEN, OCEAN’S 11, SCREAM, LOGAN, ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT, BRING IT ON, GLOW, PARKS & RECREATION, IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, EDITH+EDDIE, LEAVE NO TRACE and many more.

* Selected shorts are screened at the historic, 300-seat Gesa Power House Theatre, a handsomely appointed venue with top-notch projection and sound systems.

* Should you attend, the Crush staff will treat you like royalty and family. Our goal is to celebrate every moviemaker’s talents and welcome them into the fold.

* Attending moviemakers are treated to daily, gratis Happy Hours, nightly parties and an invite-only Sunday brunch. The Electric Lounge (aka The Crush Green Room) is open all day for you to eat, drink and be cozy. These events and this pace also provide near ‘round the clock opportunities to network with fellow artists and industry guests.

* The Crush audience is committed, passionate and vocal. They will sit rapt with attention and express their affection for your work.

* A committed group of attendees we call “The Iron Ass Jury” selects an annual Audience Award winner. What separates this audience award from others is that is the only one that is determined by a jury comprised of viewers who have sat through every single screening, thus elevating the prize from popularity contest to true, absolute meritocracy.

* Walla Walla is the Napa Valley of Washington State — a lush and lovely wine region — noted for its beauty and bounty of dining and drinking options. Downtown Walla Walla is abuzz with activity and the scenic surroundings provide countless options for exploration and adventure. In fact, for early-arriving moviemakers, we will guide a Saturday morning hike that shows off the city and allows you to network in nature.

For more information, please visit and subscribe — for FREE! — to *Crushworthy*, the official, mostly monthly e-newsletter of the Walla Walla Movie Crush.

Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Animated Short
Best Student Short
Best Performance
Best Screenplay (filmed)
Curator's Choice Award

Best Short Screenplay (written)

* submissions may be no longer than thirty minutes
* submissions must have been shot in the United States or created by a citizen of the United States or by a student attending a school in the United States
* submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2019

* Please note: we define "Student" as someone who has yet to graduate from high school or completed her or his short before graduating high school.

For the short screenplay competition:
* submissions may be no longer than 12 pages
* all genres accepted
* you may submit as many scripts as you like, but each must be entered separately

Overall Rating
  • Unfortunately, I was not able to attend last year, but I add my voice to several others here who commend Warren on his excellent communicating and amazing support for filmmakers. I can't wait for the next opportunity to participate!

    December 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Nancy. WATER ON STONE was a highlight of The Crush 2019 and helps elevate our initiative to include dance films and experimental narratives in our programming. We are excited to share that we are expanding our line-up in 2020 to include a month-long exhibit of "art shorts" in 2020. And, I wouldn't be surprised if you had new works for us to consider, yes? Please?

  • Mike Egan

    The folks who are behind the Walla Walla Movie Crush are incredibly passionate about film and it shows through every aspect of the festival. All of the blocks were thoughtfully curated and screened in a way that created an experience greater than the sum of the individual films parts. The level of care and attention given to filmmakers was very high. The Walla Walla Movie Crush is a hard recommend.

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your kind words, Mike, and for your wonderful, weird short, BRONZED, that rattled the audience. This is the kind of short that makes me happiest — one that unsettles many while making me laugh every time I watch it. Also, bonus points for bringing your Mom!

  • Two Balloons

    The programming was well curated. Warren's passion for film created a great festival experience.

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    TWO BALLOONS is gorgeous no matter how many times it's seen. We are delighted that the Iron A** Jury voted it into a tie for The Movie Crush's Audience Award in 2018.

  • Ellie Foumbi

    I was very sad not to be able to attend this festival. The lineup was INCREDIBLE and the founder is a real supporter of filmmakers. You feel you are in very good hands. I can't wait to make a new film so I can submit to Walla Walla Movie Crush again!

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    One of the great joys of curating short movies is discovering the fresh talents of today bound to be making significant features for decades to come. Ellie is one such standout and while disappointed she was unable to attend, we are honored we were able to showcase NO TRAVELER RETURNS, her stunning debut that samples Shakespeare in a contemporary near-tragedy set in immigrant-rich New York City.

  • Aimie Vallat

    Rarely do you find a gathering of film loving folks - both community members and filmmakers - who gather for days on end to be captivated by the very best curated short films out there, (thank you Warren!) and all the while sipping glasses of local wine from Walla Walla. This welcoming and inspiring weekend feels like a true celebration of what art and community is all about. Not only was I honored to attend and have our short so well received, but I left in awe of how Warren, Nancy and Ranielle created a playful and meaningful weekend for all those who attended. Bravo to one of the best film experiences out there!

    July 2019