Do you know there are more images or visual apparatuses in the criterion of video?

An abundance of video art, including experimental short films, concept films, installations, concept animation, documentaries of performance art…etc., requires our participation in art museums for their distance to our daily lives. But are these moving images really distant to us? Can’t the general public appreciate video art without walking into a museum?

As a matter of fact, these experimental or conceptual moving images have inspired many films and other media in entertainment industry. They are the foundation of later video art, and for their conceptual depth and thought-provoking images they have pushed creative progression of video art from a crucial standpoint. Numerous directors or artists familiar to us have attempted certain levels of experimental or conceptual video art whether they kept on this path. Little did these images have commercial value, and yet based on these endeavors many artists integrated their creative paths and affirmed their statuses as precursors to later generations.

The video you see may seem to be incomprehensible for a moment, and that temporary uncertainty is a necessary visual experience and development. We do not provide for a certain answer to the audience in each artistic moment. More subjective affects come from your own living experiences. Your inner processing will be triggered by these images, and they will make you question again how you watch yourself or this world.

Watching is a reading process instead of mere browsing. You need to watch slowly each and every object, event, human being, and view in the video to incorporate them into your own nourishment.

2022 Wild Out Video Festival - The Most Represented Video of the Year
2022 Wild Out Video Festival - Audience Selected Award

(The awards are mainly on an honorary basis, and each year we select the most representative work of the year from the comments of the judges. The Audience Choice Award will also be determined by a live audience vote. Both prizes are non-monetary and are awarded in the form of a Certificate of Merit.)

We are looking for video art that is non-narrative, non-sequential, of no plot or storylines. Instead of narrative structure following certain chronological order or coherence, we are searching for images that show your signature styles as individual artists or directors.

In other words, we have no desire for typical narrative films, drama movies, or documentaries. We want to see how you as an artist or director tell your images without dogma or formulas.

Some may refer to it as experimental films or art films. Video art and installation we’ve seen in art museums are in this category.

A. Eligibility: open to all artist of any age or nationality.

B. Regulation: none. Please attach an artist’s statement (within 500 words) and fill out our submission form, including basic information such as length, language, format and medium, colored or voiced, and still images from your video, etc.

Overall Rating
  • Dusica Ivetic

    Great experience! I was very proud to be part of.

    November 2020
  • Yuula Benivolski

    Great communication, beautiful program, thank you for including me!

    November 2020
  • great program
    great communication
    people that are caring about cinema

    November 2020