We will start the tenth festival “WIIFF” (Wolves Independent International Film Festival), for professional independent filmmakers.

Wolves Independent International Film Festival centred on a nice village Saldutiškis, in Utena directory, Lithuania. It’s a three days long film festival in August 23 – 25. 2024. Showcases all genres films about nature, heritage, environment, history, culture, etnography, adventure, wildlife, indigenous cultures and social issues. The festival offers daytime as well as evening screenings. The Festival opens doors for young people and their families and for anyone looking to watch great films, who want to meet and learn from professionals. All genres are eligible.

Laurel-Diploma for the winners in each categorie:

Best of Festival
Petras Abukevičius Award
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film

1. Entries must be submitted via FilmFreeway's online screener option. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English. Submitted films have been completed after January 2022. Please do not send press kits or any other print materials until they are requested by the festival staff. Wroted by the festival, except at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee.
2. Entrants will be notified of the results of the film selection process. Please do not phone to request results.
3. The filmmaker must obtain all approvals, including but not limited to: copyright; licensing and moral rights; and all waivers and releases. You must have acquired all rights to music and/or your film's original score. Wolves Independent Interantional Film Festival does not hold any responsibility in gaining the necessary approvals, waivers or releases.
4. Wolves Independent International Film Festival does not have any obligation to show entered films at the festival. The Festival organizers may withdraw any selected film for any reason.
5. Wolves Independent International Film Festival may terminate the WIIFF at any time and for any reason.
6. All entries will be viewed by the selection committee. The Festival will make no cuts or changes. Festival selections will be announced on or around July 31th. 2024. All entrants will be notified by email. The festival does not pay rental fees for submitted work.
7. The price Laurel-Diploma copy could be sent by email.

Overall Rating
  • Pototo Díez

    “Lincessa, the silences of the forest” has received the “Petras Abukevičius” award at the Wolves Independent International Film Festival in Lithuania. It is an honor for me to receive this award that bears the name of a highly prestigious Lithuanian Film Director, Cinematographer and Screenwriter and with whom I fully share his speech:

    "There are several ways to talk about nature and its protection. It is not necessary to shout, to shout that it has to be protected. When everyone starts shouting, it gets boring quickly: people get used to it and you don't hear that raised voice anymore. If you fall in love with an animal looking at it, observing it, admiring it, your hand will never be raised against it."

    "Whether I'm filming an animal or a tree, I always talk to them. And next time, those little brothers of ours will understand you better than man."

    From the interview of Mr. Abukevicius. Cinema 1988 no. 9

    September 2023
  • I am very happy that I could be there with my film "Noctuidae"! Thanks and all the best for the future!

    September 2022
  • Thank you very much for disseminating environmental and ecological issues through films and documentaries. Also grateful for the official selection of our documentaries. I hope you'll continue like this for many years.

    September 2022
  • Vladyslav Robskyi

    Nice film festival. Very hostly team & good place

    September 2022
  • Hot Chilli Films

    It was a pleasure to be part of the festival and to have our film shown in Lithuania.

    September 2022