WAWA, Films made by kids to save the planet, its a little film festival within its big brother Arica Nativa Film Fest (www.aricanativa.cl) frame and experience. Aimed to younger generations of filmmakers who seek to save the planet from its anthropocene devastation using audiovisual and communication tools.

The selected films will compete for the Arica Nativa’s Wawa Award 2020, consisting in a Tropero sculpture and $500.000 CLP (ca. US$600) worth of AV equipment for the winning educational institution or group. When receiving this award the winner should add the festival Laurea and in further exhibition of the film.

1. This category includes all kinds of films- up to 5 minutes long- produced by a group of children of less than 14 years of age, that narrates the relation between their natural surroundings and themselves, promoting new generations to fall in love with the natural and cultural treasures that have outlived in the planet.

2. The group of children may represent an educational entity or have been constituted independently. In both cases they may have been guided at the most by one adult in the production of the film.

3. The participating films must be spoken, dubbed or subtitled in Spanish.

4. The contestants must complete the form available at the following website: www.aricanativa.cl/bases2020, accepting the conditions of the respective competition they choose.

5. The films can be sent digitally through the following website: www.filmfreeway.com/wawafilmsmadebykids, or by
attaching a display link (YouTube or Vimeo) to the web form. Other sending methods will not be accepted.

6. The deadline for the reception of films is September 7, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

7. The Contents Committee of the Arica Nativa Film Festival 2020 will carry out the selection of the films.
The results will be released through the following website: www.aricanativa.cl and the senders of the selected films will be contacted.

8. Each film cannot participate in more than one category of the Arica Nativa Film Festival 2020.

9. No works will be accepted that advocate racism, sexism, xenophobia, intolerance, excessive consumption and/or intentionally offend human rights. This decision will be determined by the Programming Committee, and will not be subject to appeal.

10. In case of being prevented from carrying out the Festival's presential activities, the programming of all the films in competition will be transferred to our web platform www.aricanativa.cl to be projected via streaming on at least one occasion during the Festival, on dates that will be previously communicated to the applicant.

11. All the films selected in the official Arica Nativa Wawa Competition 2020 will be integrated to the Festival's digital archive and made available to the public through the Festival's exhibition platform. We clarify that this platform only allows the online viewing of the material, not its downloading, in accordance with current legislation in Chile on the protection of intellectual property.

12. A jury of special guests of the Arica Nativa Film Festival 2020 and Gabriel & Mary Mustakis Foundation will carry out the evaluation of the films in the competition.

13. The competition results will be released by the president of the jury during the closing ceremony.
Then, they will be published in the following website: www.aricanativa.cl

14. The handing of the prize will be organized afterwards with the winning institution.

15. Arica Nativa is an audiovisual project of the Altiplano Foundation that aims to make the new generations fall in love with the natural and cultural treasures preserved in the rural and indigenous world. The films received in Arica Nativa’s Wawa will have an opportunity to be promoted through the following websites: www.aricanativa.cl and www.fundacionaltiplano.cl, as well as the activities of Arica Nativa, Altiplano Foundation and Gabriel & Mary Mustakis Foundation.

For any query, contact us through: programacion@aricanativa.cl

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