The Writers Assistant Network is proud to announce our first annual WAN: People Of Color “POC” Writers' Workshop. Just like our flagship workshop it's a FANTASTIC opportunity for ten amazing up-and-coming writers to workshop their material with top Executive Producer level TV writers and other well-established creatives, then get read and likely REPPED by managers (and maybe agents in the future) from various major companies with the help of our partner, Roadmap Writers.

The ten winners will meet for 11 weeks to workshop each other's scripts. Each writer will be matched with a working writer and/or other well-established creative who will come in as a guest to give detailed notes. Previous years’ guests included showrunners, show creators, and other writers from "Jessica Jones", “Star”, "SWAT", "The Flash", "Seal Team", "Elementary", "Snowfall", “This is Us”, “Siren”, “October Faction”, “Good Behavior”, and many more.

Once the scripts have all been workshopped and are in tip-top shape, they will be sent out to dozens of management and production companies. More than half of all winners from previous years and two thirds from 2018 ended up finding representation either directly through the program or with its help. Our winners have landed at at companies including Abrams Artists Agency, Affirmative Entertainment, APA, Bellevue, Chemical Imbalance, Fictional Entity, Grade A, Grandview, Good Fear, Gotham, Kaplan Stahler, and many more. Additionally, unlike other programs that send the winners out and never talk to them again, WAN and Roadmap will keep pushing winners to reps and other execs for months or even years after the program is over because we CARE about our winners and are invested in their success.

As when putting together a modern TV writers’ room, writing teams will be treated as a single applicant. Seven of the ten spots are assigned to writers currently working as writers’ assistants or other support staff on TV shows. Three spots are open to the general public -- INCLUDING PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE LA AREA. Each year we have had someone video conference in from afar, including from Mexico, New Jersey, Arizona, North Carolina, and New Zealand.

THE WRITER'S ASSISTANT NETWORK is a professional networking organization for writers currently working as TV assistants -- script coordinators, writers' assistants, showrunners' assistants, writers' PAs, and so on. Twice a year, WAN throws massive mixers where hundreds of assistants come together to network and get to know one another. In 2015, WAN launched its first Writers Workshop to find the strongest voices currently working in assistant positions -- as well as a couple of writers not working in those positions -- to help give them the resources they need to reach the next level.

ROADMAP WRITERS aims to bridge the gap between fresh, talented voices and the industry execs who can make things happen. Roadmap is a hub for writers who have the talent, put in the work, and take advantage of every opportunity to build relationships with executives from all corners of the industry. Roadmap's motto is "Get Real. Get Ready. Get Traction." In the past 3 years Roadmap has helped more than 75 writers get signed to places like CAA, Circle of Confusion, Gotham Group, Gersh, and The Shuman Company. Roadmap is also working with the WGA and the PGA on Gender Diversity Initiatives


By the end of the program, you will have a script that's been whipped into top shape by your peers and veteran industry professionals.

The final drafts of your script will be sent out to dozens of agency and management companies that are eagerly looking for new talent, as well as a variety of production companies looking for new material.

At least half of the winners from both the 2016 & 2017 workshops, and 2/3rds and counting from 2018, were signed shortly after their scripts were submitted. Earlier this year WAN and Roadmap set up a new round of meetings for a 2016 winner because we never stop caring about our alums.

There are two application categories:

1) GENERAL PUBLIC applications are open to anyone, anywhere. There are THREE slots for the general public.

2) WRITERS ASSISTANT NETWORK applications are open to anyone who, at the time of their application, is working in the writers’ office of a WGA-signatory show (including Script Coordinators, Writers Assistants, Executive Assistants, and Writers PAs), OR working for a writer who has an active development project (ie a project for which she or he is getting paid by a WGA signatory), within the last 8 months. There are SEVEN of these slots.

Applicants in all categories MUST NOT HAVE REPRESENTATION at the time of their application.

Teleplays must be written in English and in standard industry format, with a maximum half-hour length of 40 pages and drama length of 65.

Teleplay must be the original work of the Entrant and may not be based whole or in part on any fictional or non-fictional material, published or unpublished, produced or unproduced for which the Entrant does not have rights.

The rights to the Entrant’s teleplay must not have been previously optioned or sold.

After a teleplay is entered, no new drafts or corrected pages can be made by the Entrant. No exceptions.

Only TV scripts are accepted. No features or shorts.

Entrants must submit teleplays and payment online.

Entrants applying in the Writers Assistant Category without meeting the prescribed criteria will be automatically disqualified without refund of their application fee.

Entrants must be a “Person of Color” (a person who is not white or of European parentage).