The Voice Of Diversity Film Festival is brought to you by Feeding Young Mind Inc., a not for profit organization located in Melbourne, Victoria. The festival is a celebration of diversity to embrace our uniqueness.

In alignment with Feeding Young Mind’s Four Pillars of Humanity: diversity, inclusion, freedom and equality, the Ethnic Film Festival aim to disseminate, educate, and encourage positive discussions around the world about topics of racial and creed prejudices, gender orientation, freedom, and equality.

Over the years it has become increasingly more important to be able to see artists from ethnic background represented in film and television. It is a significant aspect of present day living in a modern society. Not only is it a way for us to connect and relate to one another through dramatization, but it also reflects who we are as a society and shows us the potential of who we might be.

There is a richness to be attained as culturally aware and awakened society with the inclusion of the diverse and ethnic voices. We want these films to show human stories from a diverse perspective.

The Ethnic Film Festival aims to promote and reward film makers who are using their skillsets to educate the audience and to embrace and respect each other's cultural differences.

First Prize for Best lead Actor - 12 months scholarship at the Melbourne Actor's Lab

Second Prize for Best Male supporting Actor - 6 months scholarship at the Melbourne Actor's Lab

Third Prize for Best Female supporting Actor - 6 months scholarship at the Melbourne Actor's Lab

We will consider films that are culturally:
- Ethnic
- Inspirational
- Educational
- Impactful