Visioni Notturne, in its first edition, is a short horror film festival (science fiction films and fantasy films are included) that represents a snapshot of the horror genre in the varied and always innovative landscape of independent cinema, especially the Italian one.
The event will take place exclusively online.
The program of the festival is the result of a careful examination of the most important films in recent years. It faces with courage personal psychosis, social phobias, clichés and the darkest fears. The horror genre, in a classical sense or not, it’s always one of the most important cinema genres in the history of cinema.
In an adrenaline and precarious balance between today filmmakers and the great film masters of the past, that perhaps have been penalized by the technological limits of their time, Visioni Notturne highlights a bunch of feelings that force the audience to deal with ancestral fears, dark forces and evil characters.

The film critics will award the first prize, no question asked, for the best film and a second prize as a special jury prize. Moreover, there will be three special mentions: for the script, for the special effects and for the best cinematographer.
The first prize money ammounts to €400.
The second prize money ammounts to €200.
The other special mention will receive €100 each.

We are pleased to present the first edition of the international short horror film competition called Visioni Notturne.
The competition is open to directors of all nationalities.
Both new and alredy released short film can take part in the competition.
The duration of the short films in competition must not exceed 20 minutes, opening and end credits included, under penalty of exclusion.
The deadline to send the short films is july 30th 2020.
Short films that are not italian must have english subtitles.
The first selection will be done by festival staff that will choose the best twenty film works.
A panel of experts will evaluate the film works, selecting 5 winners.