The Video Poem Competition of La Factorie
« Singing of the rivers »

The video poem competition of La Factorie is back with renewed momentum, and all sails set to discover the yet uncharted seas (and rivers) of film and poetry.

In our 3rd year, we welcome once again all to send their creation: directors, poets, young and old, grandmasters and those who are just on course to take their first steps, but all who the inspiring arrow of a muse has caught.

The only thing that matters is for the film to be centred around a poem, but the way to convey it rests in the hands of the authors: be it by voice, image, body, dance, a strip of film or the line of a pencil.

To spark your imagination, the theme of this year is Singing of the rivers, but it is not obligatory to make use of it.

The winner will receive the award Prix du Meilleur Vidéo-Poème and prize money of 500 euros. The award-giving ceremony and the screening of best films will take place on May 26, at the opening of the poetry festival POESIA.


La Factorie is a House of Poetry of Normandy residing in an old paper factory on a solitary island… Enough of fairy tales, to the point, it carries out actions ranging from creative residencies for poets, running a publishing house, to art exhibitions, a café-bookshop and a poetry library.


POESIA is the culmination of the season with the conclusion of numerous artistic projects carried out by La Factorie, House of Poetry of Normandy. 7 days of the festival, 23 invited poets, 4 Norman towns involved, poetry on stage, performances, video poems (we count on you), a concert, a night full of poetry with the participation of Brussel's FiEstival and the House of Poetry of Amay.


Pictures are from the festival POESIA, and this year it opens with the Video poem competition's selected films screening and award ceremony.

Prix du Meilleur Vidéo-Poème

1. The film must be centred around a poem, which can be conveyed by any means, auditive or visual.

2. There are no limits to the creation time of the film.

3. The film may have been created in any film technique.

4. The duration must be at most 7 minutes of the total running time.

5. Films in a language other than English/French must be provided with English/French subtitles. In any case, subtitles both in English and French are highly recommended.

6. The submission process is free of charge.

7. One author may submit multiple films.

Full regulation:

Overall Rating
  • Josephine Kiaga

    We were so honoured to have our film 'Ngozi Nyeusi' included in this festival in 2023, regardless of the fact we are thousands of miles away! They were very kind in communication and were accommodating to us in the best way they could. I wish we could have experienced this in person but we are happy to have been included. Merci!

    May 2024
  • Stanka Gjuric

    Thank you for everything! You were wonderful. I hope for the same opportunity next year. Thank you to the entire festival team for promptness, kindness and everything that every festival should have, which is a real, human and professional relationship towards the festival participant, and you are number 1 in that.

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    This is just too good to hear… Thank you for such a great cooperation!

  • Guillaume Marin

    Une belle sélection et une bonne communication pour les participants.

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    Merci beaucoup, Guillaume ! Cela fait bien de l’entendre !