The VidaFair Film Festival (VFF) is dedicated to both excellent storytelling and film monetization. The principle of the festival is simple: Monetizing creative work isn't greed -- it's fairness, and if artistic painters are free to set prices for their work, why shouldn't filmmakers? Modern streaming technology allows for just that. Monetization methods of the new age deserve to be promoted and celebrated.

At the VidaFair Film Festival all accepted content will generate actual revenue for the filmmakers, (redeemable after a minimum threshold of revenue is reached, $20). The VidaFair currency is called grains, which is approximately equal to a U.S. cent when bought in bulk on the web.

As part of the submission process, filmmakers will be asked to set a creator's share for their project in grains, based on a 24-hour rental of their film. For example, if a filmmaker decides a project should earn them $0.99 per rental, they would enter a creator's share grain price of 99 grains (g99). Similarly, a film could have a creator's share of only g20 grains, equivalent to $0.20 per rental -- or g500, i.e. $5.00 per rental. The revenue each filmmaker makes per 24-hour rental will be purely at their discretion, (from g0-g2000). The VidaFair Film Festival acceptance and "Best" award decisions will be based on quality only, without regard to the submitted creator's share. Audience awards will be determined by audiences' embrace of each film.

By allowing filmmakers to easily set prices and recoup investments, the VidaFair Film Festival hopes to engender a new paradigm in content funding where the power to monetize film and video will be in the hands of independent creators. We will also encourage (but not require) filmmakers to consider a micropayment pricing strategy, as lower price points have the potential of producing more total revenue.

All films accepted in the festival will be eligible to be monetized on for one year after the festival completion at the price determined by the creator's grain share and streaming costs. Films accepted by the festival will continue earning revenue for filmmakers for 12 months. Filmmakers will also have the option of removing their content from the site at the conclusion of the festival, or any other time, for any reason.

The VidaFair Film Festival is non-exclusive, meaning we attach no restrictions on wherever else a project may be available for streaming online or physical showings. We believe part of empowering filmmakers involves expanding, not limiting, their monetization options.

Although the VFF is dedicated to the promotion of online film monetization, it will culminate in an actual live "brick and mortar" event. The five "Best" award winners will be screened at the VFF Awards, June 7, 2022, at the Austin Film Society, Austin, TX.

VFF Best Awards will be based on Jury Determinations:
• Best narrative feature
• Best documentary feature
• Best narrative short
• Best documentary short
• Best music video

The five "Best" award winners will be screened at the VFF Awards, June 7, 2022, at the Austin Film Society, Austin, TX.

VFF Audience Awards will be based on audience views at the time of the festival completion:
• Audience award, narrative feature
• Audience award, documentary feature
• Audience award, narrative short
• Audience award, documentary short
• Audience award, music video

The VidaFair Film Festival celebrates the monetization of independent film. For every submission, filmmakers must indicate the creator's grain share for their project, or the revenue they will receive per 24-hour rental if their project is accepted. Grains are equivalent to U.S. cents and are redeemable after a $20.00, or g2000 threshold is met. Creator grain share prices will not affect decisions on festival acceptance, but they will very likely impact the size of the audience for a project. (Creator's grain share can range from g0 to g2000, but we recommend a two or three digit number.)

Film assets required to be submitted for consideration:
• Film title (110 character max)
• Film description (900 character max)
• Uploaded video file
• Promotional thumbnail, (jpg or png format, 16x9 aspect ratio)
• Creator's share in grains per rental (grains are equivalent to U.S. cents)
• Category: Narrative feature (between 40-150 minutes), Documentary feature (between 40-150 minutes), Narrative short (between 3-40 minutes, Documentary short (between 3-40 minutes), Music video

The VidaFair Film Festival will not accept submissions under 3 minutes in length, nor over 150 minutes in length.

After a g2000 or $20.00 threshold is reached, filmmakers will have the option of withdrawing revenue from the VidaFair platform via PayPal. Revenue from VidaFair is only available via PayPal, i.e. only filmmakers with valid PayPal accounts are eligible for revenue from the VidaFair platform.

The five "Best" award winners will be screened at the VFF Awards, June 7, 2022, at the Austin Film Society, Austin, TX.

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  • Sara Bahramjahan

    It’s a nice film festival and the Childfree had chance to attend it

    July 2022
    Response from festival:

    Sara's project was easy to accept. It's both original and important.