VerticalMovie Festival is a competition aimed for all, aimed at discovering new talents in the context of screenplay, directing and photography, to which participants are required to tell short audiovisual stories with video footage exclusively Vertical.

The vertical framing is a typical smartphone format and a new and modern visual manifestation of our present. VerticalMovie Festival will also have the aim to define and legitimize what has in effect become such a widespread expressive way.

Participants are asked to tell short audiovisual stories with the shooting mode whose framing must have one of the following vertical resolutions:

only and exclusively 9/16 vertical format movies ( 1080x1920 )

The file must be encoded in H264 and the container format must be MP4.

Audiovisuals must have a maximum duration of ten minutes and can be made with all those devices that allow a recovery with the above mentioned modes. The contest will be called on the web.

The prizes awarded are:
1. "Best VerticalOpen", awarded by the technical jury, worth € 4,000.00
2. "Best VerticalWoman", awarded by technical jury, worth € 2,000.00
3. "Best VerticalSmart", awarded by technical jury, worth € 2,000.00
4. "Best VerticalCare", awarded by technical jury, worth € 2,000.00, Of which € 1,000 to be allocated to a social organization identified by the winner.

There are further awards awarded by the quality Jury, without prize money:


The winner of the first absolute prize “BEST VERTICALMOVIE SHORT” awarded by the quality jury will be invited to be part of the jury in the next edition. In any case the winners of the various cash prizes will be able to participate as competitors to the next edition without receiving any prize money.

Art. 1. The festival is set up in Rome called VerticalMovie Festival: a competition of short films, aimed at identifying new talents in the field of the vertical audiovisual (format 9:16). The jury, made up of experts in the field, will evaluate the works according to the criteria of originality of the contents, of technical quality of the videos sent, and of adherence to the “vertical” philosophy of the realization, selecting finalists whose products will be projected during a four-day event that will take place in Rome.
Art. 2. The prize is based in Rome.
Art. 3. The various prizes to be won are assigned to the authors of unpublished vertical films of a maximum duration of ten minutes (excluding any credits). The authors participating must have completed eighteen years of age and can register on the website dedicated to the initiative through the compilation of the entry form dedicated In case of registration by authors not yet of age, a waiver will be required to participate, signed by the parents or legal guardians of the child.
Art. 4. The participants in the competition must provide, at the time of their registration, their generalities, which are evidenced by an identity document (identity card or passport; In the case of minors, even identity documents of the child’s parents or legal guardians), Telephone, email, privacy Disclaimer Signed, all to be sent in digital format to the Mail on the site.
Art. 5. To validate the application, the author shall subscribe a letter of acceptance in which he undertakes to accept the entire regulation.
Art. 6. Upon receipt of the enrollment request, as soon as the conformity of that request is made to all above requirements, the participant will receive user Id and personal password with which to access the dedicated page, on which it will be able to upload the audiovisual that wants to participate in the competition.
Art. 7. Every single video in the competition must be accompanied by a synopsis of presentation, a poster, a trailer and a subtitling in English.
Art. 8. The jury of experts is joined by the audience, who will use the thumbs up on the site, to vote for the favourite video in the competition.
Art. 9. The contest is free-theme but special attention will be given to all those works that should put in particular emphasis, for, creativity and originality, the concept of “verticality” in all its meanings. Content of a violent, pornographic, racist, non-exclusional nature is excluded. The jury reserves the right to exclude, at its sole discretion, any work should present content that it deems offensive or objectionable.
Art. 10. The ballot will be held in the final evening of the festival.
Art. 13. The VerticalMovie Festival reserves the right to use every single video in competition for the duration of an entire calendar year for activities and events related to the VerticalMovie festival, a use which is completely free of charge from Part of the participants.
Art. 14. Amendments to this Statute may be made by the Steering Committee.
Art. 15. Participants, (members), at the VerticalMovie Festival competition, absolve the organizers of the VerticalMovie festival from any legal, civil and criminal liability for having used within their productions (films in competition): Music, literature and of any other nature, the copyright of which is not their property, or otherwise they are not free. It is therefore the concern of the producers/authors of the films in the competition to make sure that their productions are free from any legal constraint, since the selection committee of the VerticalMovie Festival is not required to detect such Irregularities.
Voting rules

Art. 1. It is up to the jury of experts to award competing works.
Art. 2. Voting modalities: with electrical or paper card. Each juror will have to assign his own preference.
Art. 3. In the event of a parity of votes after the ballot, the prizes will be awarded equally, in which case the corresponding prize in cash will be divided into equal parts between the winners.
Art. 4. The decision of the jury which is final, is not valid to any dispute.
Art. 5. The prize guarantees the anonymity of the vote.
Art. 6. The works received will be addressed within the sections of which the festival is composed, at the discretion of the selectors.

Overall Rating
  • Julian Alexander

    This festival looked like a lot of fun and it was a perfect representation of our style and project. I wish we could have been there! Hopefully, next time. Salvatore was very communicative and supportive!

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Julian for your nice comment. I hope you can be here with us next year.

  • Larissa Rojas

    I´m very happy of being part of the selection, great festival!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Hi Larissa, thanks for the nice comment to our Festival, we are glad you liked it. We invite you to participate in the third edition of the VerticalMovie Festival.

    Best wishes

    Salvatore Marino