[All non-animation movies will be disqualified]

Festival has two competitive sections:
[IMPORTANT to write: How old are the authors]

-> VAFI section for animated films MADE BY children or youth
(you made a animated movie and you are UNDER 18 years)

-> RAFI section for animated films made FOR children and youth
(you made a animated movie and you are OVER 18 years)

Each year Festival VAFI & RAFI has partner that is presented during Festival. In 2020 Partner will be IRELAND.

More info on vafirafi.com

VAFI has three categories divided by age of the authors:

VAFI MINI – for authors under 10 years
VAFI MIDI – for authors from 11 – 14 years
VAFI MAXI – for authors from 15 – 18 years

VAFI will award five prizes per category, from which one will be the first prize and the other four will be equal second prizes. The prize will be the statue and diploma for the first places and diploma for the second places. Prizes will be given by the Internation Jury.

RAFI has four categorie divided by the age of the recipient:

RAFI 0-6 – for children under 6 years
RAFI 7-10 – for children from 7 – 10 years
RAFI 11-14 – for children from 11 – 14 years
RAFI 15-18 – for youth from 15 – 18 years

RAFI will award one first prize per category, The prize will be the statue and diploma. Prizes will be given by children and youth jury. Jury can give one Special mention Diploma per RAFI category.

From 2012 in cooperation with UNICEF in Croatia, Office of the Ombudsman For Children and Electronic Media Agency we will also give Blue VAFI - award for the film which promote the Children's rights. The prize is given out of the catories - one first and four equal second prizes. First prize is statue Blue VAFI and Blue diploma, and second prizes are Blue diplomas.

BLUE VAFI refers to section VAFI.

We accept short films (up to 20 minutes) made 2 years before festival date. Submission are opened until January 26th, 2020.

You can find the entry form on vafirafi.com. Participants bear full responsibility for the authenticity of the information given in the Entry Form. False or incomplete information will result in rejection from the festival.

Films can be send online via Wetransfer or via vafirafi.com entry form platform (information need to be correct and complete).

Here are the festival regulation: http://vafirafi.com/wp-content/documents/ENG_Regulations-11VAFI-RAFI-festival_ENG.pdf


Thank you for submitting your movies! :)

Overall Rating
  • Barbara Brunner

    Thank you for choosing "Miles Away" for your festival

    September 2019
  • A well organised and communicative festival. We highly recommend this festival especially for filmmaking high school students. Thanks so much for selecting "Lignum Love". Looking forward to future festival editions!

    July 2019
  • Max Shoham

    I was more than excited to have my films as official selections for this year's screenings. As a passionate animator, it's really rare to have the opportunity to have my films screened on the big screen with a live audience. I hope to be able to travel to Varaždin some day: It looks like a gorgeous place to host a film festival!

    Thank you!

    June 2019
  • All the best: great movies, beautiful city, nice people.

    June 2018
    Response from festival:


  • Jacqueline Sánchez-Carrero

    Good organization... great festival!! Thank you!!

    June 2017
    Response from festival: