A country with a past as colorful as it is cinematic, Armenia has played host to several great directors in the 20th century – such as Amu Bek-Nazaryan, Frunze Dovlatyan, Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Khoren Abrahamyan – whose work has brought Armenia’s startlingly beautiful landscape and complicated past to the attention of viewers all across the world.

In an effort to further stimulate an interest in cinema in Armenia, cinema-lovers Mayis Danelyan and Revik Tovmasyan have joined forces to found an Armenian - International Film Festival, "Golden Urartu", which will take place annually from the 15th to the 30th of September.

The aim of the festival is to help talented directors and producers find their way to prominence and to be heard, while simultaneously exposing Armenia to the world of international cinema, and vice versa. For amateur and young directors, our festival aims to provide a stage on which they can demonstrate and share their talent, potential and their vision of modern cinematography.

One film from each of the following genres will be awarded:

Attention. All films that do not meet the above-mentioned criteria: will be disqualified.
Attention. Please do not send movie trailers.

The Best shortfilm - From 3 to 5 minutes -- $500+ Certificate and Trophy

The Best shortfilm – From 5:31 to 20 minutes:---$1000 + Certificate and Trophy

The Best feature film – From 20:31 to 35 minutes---$1500 + Certificate and Trophy

The Best feature film – From 35:31 to 60 minutes----$2000+ Certificate and Trophy

The Best feature film – From 60:31 to 75 minutes----$2500 + Certificate and Trophy

The Best feature film – From 75:31 to 90 minutes----$3000+ Certificate and Trophy

The Best feature film – 90:31 and more- $4000 + Certificate and Trophy

a) Films must be submitted in only ONE genre.

b) Films can be submitted to the Festival for review exclusively through FilmFreeway.

c) If you are unable to submit your film through FilmFreeway, be aware that if you submit your film for screening at the Festival, it will not be considered for nomination or prize.

d) Films submitted to the incorrect genre will be deleted without explanation or reimbursement.

e) All film genres are acceptable for submission, in any spoken language, but subtitles in English are mandatory.

g) All films that will be presented at the festival must be completed and submitted by September 1st, 2016.

h) At the end of the festival, films are not reviewed.

i) Films that will be shown at the Festival, but that have not been selected for prizes, will receive 10% of ticket-sales for the film-screening.

Overall Rating
  • Camille Wainer

    A special opportunity to participate in the film community of Armenia.

    November 2018
  • Sweet nice generous festival. I didn't attend although I was invited!

    November 2017
  • Vishal Jadhav

    I didn't attend the festival , however their communication time to time was good

    October 2016