The UWHFF screens dynamic cutting edge short films that amplify marginalized voices, raises awareness, delivers authentic storytelling all while maintaining optimal audience entertainment.

The UWHFF is a social justice film festival. Born from a short film with the same namesake, the United We Heal film was a tribute to the Black community's ever evolving healing process within an ever present white supremacists system of oppression. From that the UWH team wanted to provide a platform for other filmmakers with like minds. This includes filmmakers who also have works about a social justice cause, community issue, or problem they are fighting to bring attention to.

We've chosen short-form film out of the appreciation we have an appreciation for filmmakers that deliver strong storytelling in a bite sized packages. We wanted to provide a platform to filmmakers delivering quality content that are often overlooked in the cinematic space. Short Film requires an incredible amount of creativity and it's our pleasure to host these inventive pieces.

Introducing into the 2024 season, the music video category! The United We Heal team feels strongly that music is the backbone for any social change initiatives. We welcome all music with visuals that have a theme tied to social change or community excellence.

We award 2 prizes at the end of the festival. Both are decided at the end of the program.

1. Jury Award - Chosen by a jury of 3 industry professionals.
2. Audience Award - Chosen by ballot through audience vote.

Each winner receives a trophy & prize pack.

- Must be a short film that is no longer than 25 minutes in duration.

- Must be a music video, no longer than 8 minutes.

- The short film must contain themes about social justice.

- Must be a filmmaker of color to submit. (Director, Producer, Writer, etc.)

Suggested film specs:

1920x1080 or 1280x720
16:9 Aspect Ratio
Audio Sample 48 kHz
Video Bit Rate, at least 5000 kbps
.mp4 container
Apple ProRes 422 or codec of similar quality

-Subtitles must be presented on the film and not in a separate file.

-Accepted films will also need to provide images, one-sheet and downloadable links or files for all available trailers. All trailers will be uploaded to the official UWHFF webpage & social media. Please also provide a brief synopsis of your film.

-UWHFF reserves the right to change any rules or scheduling. Venue is subject to change.

- For any questions please contact

Overall Rating
  • Hakima Benjamin

    This was such an amazing festival to be apart of. I am so blessed for the screening of my short film. The location was perfect!! The venue was a one stop shop and the aesthetics were beautiful. The program organizer and her team were very professional and made you feel welcomed. All of the filmmakers involved were super dope and humble. I can only imagine what they have in store for future festivals.

    June 2022